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Hollywood Head Injury

When many people think of Hollywood, they imagine the movie version in California, but Southern Florida has its own Hollywood - right in Broward County. What makes Hollywood, Florida so appealing is that it is right on the ocean and features unique shops, restaurants, and many water recreation options. Visitors and residents can enjoy the sweeping views over the Atlantic Ocean, the miles of beaches, and the famous paved beach Broadwalk, which is perfect for strolling by the water.

The Flaxman Law Group is proud to be part of the Hollywood community, with offices right in the city. As part of the Hollywood community, the Flaxman Law Group is dedicated to helping Hollywood head injury victims get the help that they deserve. The Flaxman Law Group supports local efforts to prevent Hollywood car accidents and other accidents which caused brain injuries. The legal team have also worked to raise awareness about the issues that local head injury patients face.

Having worked with thousands of South Florida personal injury and brain injury patients, the legal team at the Flaxman Law Group can see firsthand how devastating these types of injuries can be. In addition to causing cognitive issues, brain injuries can often lead to vision problems, emotional problems, memory loss, and even fatalities. Whether caused by Hollywood car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, or other preventable accidents, these injuries always tend to be devastating. They can change a life and leave a person's career, relationships, and finances in shambles.

Pursuing justice under Florida law is often an important first step in recovery. It helps the patient get answers they need about their accident, and it can help to hold those accountable responsible. Pursuing a legal claim also helps to get the financial resources patients need in order to pay for medical costs and other expenses related to their accident. In many cases, Hollywood brain injury claims have also been instrumental in helping to create safety changes that help prevent other accidents as well.

It is a sad fact that money can affect the quality of care Hollywood brain injury patients get after an accident. Brain injuries can be very expensive and in many cases require long-term medical care and follow-up care. Unfortunately, many Hollywood head injury patients face reduced income just as they try to heal. In cases where patients cannot work due to their injuries, patients may be facing large medical bills as well as reduced income. Speaking with a Hollywood personal injury attorney can help brain injury patients get the support and resources they need to pursue quality care.

If you believe that you have a Hollywood brain injury case, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney. Your initial consultation comes with no obligation; it is your chance to ask questions about your case and about Florida law. It can help you understand your rights and options as well as how much your case can be worth. Before you speak with an insurance claims adjuster or accept a claims amount that may not cover the full cost of your injuries, contact the Flaxman Law Group for your free consultation to get the facts about your case.