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Hollywood Dangerous Drugs

We rely on drug manufacturers to create medication that helps keep us healthier and helps treat serious conditions. Drug manufacturers are expected to carefully test any medications – including over-the-counter prescribed medications – through animal testing and human trials before releasing the medication to the public. If there are serious interactions are or side effects, it is expected that drug manufacturers are honest about this. Manufacturers are also accountable to federal agencies in providing safe medications and drugs.

When drug manufacturers are negligent in doing all of this, devastating results can occur. If you believe you have been affected by a drug that was dangerous, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time to review your situation – at no cost and with no obligation. Flaxman Law Group has dealt with many dangerous product and recall cases and can help you understand what your case may be worth.

What Drugs Can Be Dangerous?

There are many drugs that can be dangerous and have been proven to be dangerous through lawsuits and legal action:

  • Some birth control pills have a high risk of clots and can lead to death
  • Some over-the-counter medication can be dangerous to take when driving or operating heavy equipment
  • Some prescribed medication have undisclosed side effects that can be serious
  • Some drugs are unsafe to take for pregnant women and can result in birth defects if they are taken during pregnancy

Any drugs that you take can be very dangerous. It is important to always discuss new medication with your doctor or pharmacist and to carefully read the directions and instructions on over-the-counter and prescription medication.

Do You Have a Products Liability Claim in Hollywood?

If you are injured by a defective drug, there may be many people at fault. If the drug was administered in the hospital or clinic, the medical staff maybe found negligent if they did not check any existing medication you were taking as well as any known allergies. In some cases, the pharmacist may be held negligent if you were dispensed the wrong medication or were given the wrong dosage or the wrong instructions with the medication. A doctor may be found liable in your situation if he or she prescribed the wrong medication or indicated the wrong dosage in the prescription. The drug manufacturer may be held liable if there were undisclosed side effects or if the drug testing was inadequate.

If you have an allergic or unusual reaction to a drug you are taking, stop taking the medication immediately, keep all the packaging and information you have with the medication, and seek medical assistance at once. In some cases, drug interactions and allergic reactions can be fatal, so it is important to get immediate medical assistance. In addition to getting medical help, if you've sustained serious injuries as a result of your negative reaction to a medication, it is also good idea to consult with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community to find out what your legal options are.

Flaxman Law Group attorneys in Hollywood have worked with thousands of personal injury and product liability plaintiffs who have been injured by dangerous products. They can help you understand the total cost of your injuries and can help you pursue justice. To find out more, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time for a no cost, no obligation case evaluation.