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Hialeah Stopping Distance

If you drive along Hialeah and South Florida streets, you may see trucking collisions and car accidents. There are many reasons for these motor vehicle crashes, but one common reason for collisions involving passenger cars and commercial trucks has to do with stopping distances. While passenger cars can stop relatively quickly, big rigs and tractor trailers take much longer to come to a complete stop. When truck drivers or passenger car drivers are negligent, this difference can lead to traffic accidents.

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Why Stopping Distance Related Traffic Accidents in Hialeah and Florida Happen

There are many factors that can lead to a longer stopping distance for a truck, including:

1) The truck size. Larger trucks and tractor-trailers have longer stopping distances than smaller cars.

2) Incorrect loading of cargo. Incorrectly loaded cargo can shift around during transport, affecting stopping distance by incorrectly distributing weight or by making a truck top-heavy.

3) Cargo weight. Overloaded or overweight trucks can increase stopping distance by making the truck heavier and therefore slower to stop. Overloaded trucks can be especially dangerous when combined with speeds or when a truck driver is trying to stop on a hill or incline. The added weight may push the truck forward in these instances. Extra cargo weight can also put extra pressure on brakes, causing them to overheat or even fail.

4) Driver reaction time. Since stopping distance refers to the amount of time between the point at which a driver hits the brakes and time that a vehicle stops fully, driver reaction time plays an important role in preventing accidents. When truck drivers are tired, drugged, drunk, or distracted, they may not react in time to avoid a collision because they simply cannot apply the brakes in time.

5) Tire condition. Bald or worn tires may not grip the road correctly, increasing stopping distances and making it harder for a truck to stop.

6) Brakes. When brakes do not meet federal safety standards or when brakes have mechanical defects, they may fail when a truck driver tries to apply them. They may respond unexpectedly and may increase stopping distances or may fail outright.

7) Speed. Especially in poor weather conditions, it can take longer to stop. It is expected that truck drivers will slow down and will adjust their driving as necessary for the road and weather conditions.

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