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Hialeah Dangerous Drugs

When getting a new prescription drug, you may have read the label on the drug listing side effects. You probably already know that most prescription drugs may have some side effects, including serious side effects. In most cases, you understand the risks that you are taking when you take medication and you accept the risks of the medication in order to get better or to treat a condition you may have. However, in some situations the drug manufacturer can be held liable for side effects and for any injuries that the drug causes. For example, if the drug manufacturer was negligent in testing or manufacturing the drug or failed to disclose the risk of side effects, you may have a claim if you have a serious negative reaction to the drug.

To find out whether you have a medical malpractice claim in Hialeah or another legal claim in Florida, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free case assessment. Our full service law firm would be pleased to help you understand how Flaxman Law Group can assist in your case and can help you understand what your legal options are.

Do You Have Grounds For A Drug Injury Claim In Hialeah Or Your Community?

You generally have the grounds for a drug injury lawsuit or product liability case in Hialeah or your community if you have taken a medication or have used a pharmaceutical device that has caused injury and you are able to prove that negligence caused the injury.

Of course, it is difficult for a layperson to know whether negligence occurred at some point in the drug manufacturing process, drug marketing process, or the drug testing necessary to get medication to the market. Your best option if you have had a negative medical outcome due to medication or pharmaceutical devices is to speak with a personal injury attorney in your community.

A personal injury attorney can find out whether others have been similarly injured, whether you qualify for class-action lawsuit or another legal claim, and can also research and investigate the background of your case to determine whether you have a claim. In many cases, a personal injury attorney can give you a preliminary idea of whether you have a strong claim so that you can make immediate decisions about your case and your future.

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The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have already helped thousands of clients injured in personal injury accidents, traffic accidents, product liability cases, and other incidents. In fact, our attorneys have already recovered more than $100 million on behalf of thousands of plaintiffs across South Florida.

We understand how terrifying being seriously injured can be, which is why we do all we can to make the process as simple on you as possible. Flaxman Law Group is a full-service law firm, and we have the resources needed to take care of every detail of your case, so that you can focus on healing rather than on the legal aspects of your situation. We even offer a contingency fee structure, which means you pay only when we win your case or reach an out-of-court settlement on your behalf. In this situation, you pay a percentage of the total amount you are awarded. In addition, we offer a free, no obligation case assessment so that you can find out whether you have a claim today.