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Hialeah Nursing Home Abuse

Hialeah is a community in southern Florida's Miami-Dade County. It is one of the largest communities in the area, situated between Biscayne Bay and the Everglades. A diverse community, Hialeah has much to offer, including many green spaces as well as attractions. As a gateway to the Everglades and Biscayne Bay, it also sees some tourist traffic.

Studies show that by the year 2030, one in every five Americans will be an elderly senior citizen. Eventually, as medical technology advances and as we continue to live longer, many senior citizens will require care in an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, this means that concerns about North Miami Beach nursing home abuse and neglect will only increase. As more people enter nursing homes, increased stress for nursing home employees, understaffing, and under trained nursing home personnel will continue to become a problem, making North Miami Beach nursing home neglect and abuse an increasing problem.

Millions of citizens across the US rely on assisted living facilities to offer them the medical care and personal help that they cannot secure any other way. Families trust that the staff at these facilities will provide high level of care as well as compassion for an elderly loved one. There are many federal and state rules that ensure that nursing care facilities are as safe as possible. Unfortunately, accidents, understaffing, abuse, neglect still occur. As a result of nursing home abuse and neglect, patients are killed or severely injured. Violations of federal and state safety rules occur every day, devastating families through loss and injury.

While most assisted living facilities work hard to provide their residents with a high standard of care, understaffing and under training of employees often results in abuse and neglect. In some cases, nursing facilities fail to properly screen staff, hiring neglectful or abusive staff who harm patients. When a nursing facility fails to properly screen or train employees, or fails to respond to safety issues, they can be held liable for any elder abuse or neglect which occurs within the facility. Families of elderly loved ones have every right to pursue a legal case against such facilities to ensure that an elderly loved one is placed in a safer environment. Pursuing a legal case against a neglectful or abusive nursing care facility can also help protect other residents and can also ensure that the family gets the financial resources needed to help an elderly loved one recover from neglect and abuse.

If you believe that an elderly loved one has become the victim of Hialeah nursing home abuse and neglect, contact the Flaxman Law Group immediately. The legal staff at the Flaxman Law Group has dealt with many cases involving negligent nursing homes and knows how to aggressively pursue a case in order to ensure that you and your family get the fairest compensation possible. The Flaxman Law Group can help you determine what to do next, can help you move your elderly loved one to a safe location, can investigate abuse allegations, and can aggressively pursue your case to ensure that you get the justice you deserve. Your initial consultation is free and comes with no obligation, so call the Flaxman Law Group today.