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Fort Lauderdale Bicycle Accident

Fort Lauderdale, situated in South Eastern Florida, in Broward County, is one of the major cities in the state. The city sees millions of visitors each year, and is sometimes called the "Venice of America" because of its waterways and canals. In fact, the city is known for its boating lifestyle, with many people in the city owning boats and with many boat operators in the area. Fort Lauderdale also has many yachts and is a major port of call for cruise ships. The city and its immediate area also have over 120 night clubs and more than 4000 restaurants, so it is a place with a very vibrant nightlife.

In addition to seeing Fort Lauderdale by gondola or by boat, bicycling is a popular recreation in the city and a great way to see the region. Unfortunately, although there are many bicyclists in the city and although the city has taken great strides to provide safe bicycling areas for residents and visitors, each year many people are injured or killed in Fort Lauderdale bicycle accidents.

If you have been seriously injured in a Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident, you may wish to contact the legal team at the Flaxman law in order to arrange for a free initial consultation to discuss your case. While you may not believe that you need a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney in your case, contacting an attorney for a review of your situation can be one of the smartest things you do.

The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group can take several steps to ensure that your future is protected:

  1. Evaluate the total costs of your injuries. In many cases, insurance carriers underestimate the cost of injuries related to your case. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group can evaluate your injuries and can help you understand the total cost of medical care, lost income, medication, physical therapy, follow-up care, homecare, and any other costs related to your injuries. This can help you see how much money you will need in order to fully recover from your injuries
  2. Find all liable parties. The Flaxman Law Group can evaluate the bicycle design, street design, car design, driver error, and other possible reasons for your Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident. This can help sure that the correct people are held accountable. Holding all liable parties accountable is also important in helping you get a fairer settlement that can help you pay for more of your medical costs.
  3. Negotiate with your insurance carrier. Charles Flaxman of the Flaxman Law Group worked in the insurance industry for ten years before graduating near the top of his law class. Since he has experience with the insurance industry from both sides of the courtroom, he has a unique advantage when negotiating with insurance carriers on your behalf.
  4. Pursue a legal claim in your case. If you have a strong legal case and you decide to pursue a legal claim, the Flaxman Law Group can represent you. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group have decades of experience in personal injury litigation and are willing to aggressively pursue your case at trial.

If you believe that you have a Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident case, contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your case.