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Fort Lauderdale School Bus Accident

If your child has been injured in a school bus collision in Fort Lauderdale or any Florida community, you may have legal options. Similarly, if your child has been injured by a fall or another incident on board a school bus, you do have legal rights. One of your rights is to file a legal claim if there are liable parties in your case. That is, if someone's negligence or recklessness has contributed to the collision or to your child's injuries, you can seek a legal claim against the persons responsible in order to seek compensation for medical bills and other expenses that you and your family may face.

If you would like to know whether there are liable parties in your case and whether you qualify for personal injury claim, contact a personal injury attorney at Flaxman Law Group. An experienced attorney can help you understand your options and how much your potential case may be worth. Your initial consultation with one of our attorneys at Flaxman Law Group is free and comes with no obligation.

Why Are School Bus Injuries Often Severe?

There are many reasons why school bus accidents are so likely to lead to fatalities and serious injuries:

  • School buses are top-heavy and have a high center of gravity, increasing the likelihood of a rollover
  • School buses are large and the force of impact can be severe, leading to more severe injuries
  • School bus passengers tend to be children, who can be more vulnerable to serious injury when compared with adults
  • School buses often do not have air bags, seatbelts, and other safety measures
  • Children tend to bring school projects and backpacks on board, and these become dangerous projectiles in the event of a collision
  • There tend to be multiple passengers on school buses, and they can collide together in a crash, causing more injury
  • Children may panic in the event of a collision, or may not know how to safely exit the vehicle, leading to more severe injury

Due to the severity of injuries common with school bus accidents, it is important for families who have been affected by this type of collision to seek compensation for the injuries their children have sustained. Fair compensation ensures that a child’s family has the financial resources needed to pay for quality care, tutoring, and the other services needed.

How Can School Bus Traffic Accidents in Fort Lauderdale and Florida Be Prevented?

There are many ways that school bus accidents may be prevented:

  • With careful screening and training of school bus drivers
  • By speaking with the school board and school about their practices for school bus safety
  • With school bus safety programs for children
  • With legislation that ensures drivers are careful around school buses that may be dropping off or picking up children

If you're concerned about your child's safety on board school buses, you can contact your local school board or school to find out their policies about school bus safety. You can also volunteer in order to help spread the word about bus safety to children and you can encourage your child's school to promote educational campaigns and to take steps to ensure that your children are safe.

If your child has been injured and you would like to review your legal options in a free case assessment, contact Flaxman Law Group today for a free consultation.