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Fort Lauderdale Automobile & Motorcycle

If you have been injured in a traffic accident in Fort Lauderdale that involves a motorcycle and car, there are several things you will want to do:

  • Get medical attention
  • Focus on recovering from your injuries
  • Protect your legal rights so that you can enjoy compensation that can help you pay for your injuries

A motorcycle accident can change your life in an instant and can affect literally every area of your life. Many accident survivors find that their finances are especially devastated after this type of accident, thanks to loss of income and to high medical costs.

You do not have to spend sleepless nights fretting about your future. Get information about your legal options for compensation today by contacting Flaxman Law Group for your free consultation.

It Is Important to Act Fast After a Traffic Accident in Fort Lauderdale

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group frequently see personal injury victims and traffic collision victims who do not seek legal advice in time. Unfortunately, this can have devastating consequences. It can mean that insurance money runs out before an injured party is able to return to work or before all medical bills have been paid.

There is a reason why unexpected medical expenses are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States. Quite simply, these costs can be devastating and may be impossible for the average person to pay. Attorneys can protect plaintiffs against this by carefully evaluating injuries and likely long-term injury costs and by representing clients in legal claims or in negotiations with the insurance carrier.

The aim of personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale is simple – to get the fairest compensation on behalf of clients that is possible under the law. If you have been seriously injured in a traffic accident, the last thing you want to worry about is money. Having financial resources allows you to focus on the healing process and on your family. It allows you to replace lost income so you can pay your bills without stress and allows you to pay for quality medical care, increasing the chances of a good medical outcome for your injuries. If you would like to fight for fair compensation for your injuries, contact Flaxman Law Group to speak with a personal injury attorney about your injuries. There may be options that allow you to seek compensation so that you do not have to face financial distress as well as the pain and suffering that injuries can cause.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group care about each client and do their best to provide each client with compassionate care as well as aggressive representation. We understand that people need attorneys often at very stressful times their lives, which is why every client at Flaxman Law Group is treated with the utmost care and respect. We offer 24-hour a day, seven days a week phone lines, so you can always reach a live person if you have been injured and need legal advice. Contact us today for your consultation.