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Fire and Explosion Accidents

Unfortunately, fires and explosions are a common workplace hazard on construction sites in Miami and across Florida. Incorrect wiring, incorrect storage or flammables, and equipment failure can all lead to this type of devastating accident. In many cases, workers on construction sites work with highly flammable materials, very powerful electrical equipment, and other equipment that can easily cause an explosion or serious fire. In addition, some construction sites require blasting in order to clear an area for construction. When blasting is not done correctly, injuries are a common result. Federal regulations ensure that construction sites must adhere to certain policies to prevent fires. When these policies are not adhered to, fires and explosions can result.

If you have sustained a burn injury in Miami or anywhere in South Florida due to an explosion or fire in the workplace, you will want to get not only medical attention but legal advice about your situation. Burn injuries can be one of the most devastating injuries to sustain. They can lead to mobility issues, long-term pain, and a very long recovery time. In many cases, burn injury victims in Miami and South Florida need reconstructive surgery as well as years of rehabilitation in order to recover fully. Workers compensation in Miami and South Florida as well as insurance may only pay for part of the costs of these injuries. The Flaxman Law Group legal team have spent decades tirelessly advocating on behalf of burn injury victims and personal injury victims in South Florida and Miami. They have aggressively fought on behalf of burn injury victims to get them fair compensation for their injuries to ensure that these victims have the best chance possible for a fuller recovery.

Common Reasons For Fire And Explosion Accidents On Miami And South Florida Construction Sites

There many reasons why explosions and fires occur on construction sites:

  • Incorrect signage or warnings on safety equipment, electrical equipment, and flammable materials.
  • Incorrect safety gear, including fire retardant clothing.
  • Incorrect wiring.
  • Incorrect blasting procedures.
  • Not carefully securing the construction site after hours.
  • On-site traffic accidents or collisions between equipment

In each case, there may be multiple liable parties after this type of accident. The employer may be responsible if OSHA standards and policies were not followed to secure the construction site. Other workers or equipment manufacturers may be responsible if incorrect use of equipment or defective equipment was at fault. In some cases, the owner of the property where the accident took place may be at fault if not enough was done to make the area secure and safe.

What To Do If You Have Sustained A Burn Injury In Miami Or South Florida On A Construction Site

If you have sustained an injury in the workplace, your first priority should be to get medical help and to report the accident to your employer. In addition, you will want to get legal advice to ensure that your future and your finances are protected. If you need to speak with a personal injury attorney in Miami or anywhere in South Florida, contact the Flaxman Law Group legal team. You can meet a member of our professional team in one of three conveniently located South Florida offices, or the Flaxman Law Group legal team is happy to travel to your workplace, home, or hospital room to discuss your case with you. Your initial consultation is free and comes with absolutely no obligation. It is your opportunity to get information and to ask questions about your case.