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Fatalities Caused by Truck Accidents

Each year, truck accidents in Miami and across Florida cause hundreds of fatalities. Unfortunately, due to the size and force of a commercial truck, smaller passenger cars often have little or no chance against such a much larger vehicle. Passengers in smaller cars that collide with larger commercial vehicles are often crushed and passengers inside the smaller vehicles often suffer serious or fatal injuries. If you have lost a loved one in a truck accident in Miami or South Florida, you may have the right to seek compensation for the costs and injuries suffered.

The Flaxman Law Group legal team has represented thousands of personal injury victims in Miami and across South Florida over the past 25 years. They have recovered more than $25 million on behalf of these grieving families and personal injury victims. In many cases, our legal team has seen firsthand the devastation that a truck accident can cause. In addition to the obvious emotional upset of losing a loved one, families who lose a family member in a truck accident often also face overwhelming financial pressure.

Wrongful Death Claims in Miami or Your Community Help Families Recover

The financial devastation of losing a loved one in a truck accident can be overwhelming. In addition to final medical costs, and funeral expenses, families often lose an income earner when they lose a family member. This can affect a family literally for decades to come. Many families need counseling or need time off from work and therefore lose income as they are navigating the grieving process. This can add to the financial pressure a family faces after losing a loved one.

Losing a family member is devastating enough; there's no need to face financial pressure as well after such a loss. Under Florida law, family members who have lost a loved one in a truck accident or car accident in Miami or anywhere in Florida may be able to seek compensation for their loss if the truck accident was caused by recklessness or negligence.

Determining the Strength of Your Truck Accident Case

Truck accidents actually have a fairly good chance of recovery in terms of compensation because there may be multiple liable parties involved in a truck accident – including the motor carrier, driver, trucking company, and other liable parties. The strength of your case is determined by a number of factors – including what has caused the accident and what evidence is available. Contacting a personal injury attorney soon after an accident increases the chances that more evidence will be secured, strengthening your case.

Seeking compensation allows families to get answers about the loss of their loved one, allows them to get compensation so that they face a brighter future, and allows them to hold liable parties accountable, which often leads to important safety changes. Personal injury attorneys in Miami and other south Florida cities work with private investigators to give families answers. They also aggressively advocate on behalf of families so that families get the fairest compensation possible.

If you have lost a loved one in a traffic accident in Miami or anywhere in southern Florida, contact the Flaxman Law Group legal team today to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your case. It could be one of the most important phone calls you make.