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Fatalities Caused by Premises Liability

Becoming the victim of a crime is always a traumatic experience, but it can be even more difficult to realize that the property was caused in part by a property owner’s negligence to secure a property and keep visitors and guests safe. When property owners are negligent and this negligence leads to someone being fatally injured, the surviving family can seek a premises liability claim in order to recover compensation.

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Understanding Liability in Negligent Security Cases in Miami and South Florida

When a crime causing fatal injury occurs, the perpetrator is often held criminally responsible. In a civil court, however, the property owner may also be held partly responsible if he or she failed to act to protect those who work, live, or visit the property. There are many reasons why surviving family members may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim in Miami or their community:

  • A property owner may fail to respond to information about crime activity in the area
  • A landlord may fail to correctly install security devices or secure windows and doorways
  • A business owner may not respond to threats or signs of imminent workplace violence
  • A homeowners association may fail to notify condo residents of crimes in the area
  • A property owner may fail to install adequate lighting and other deterrents
  • A business owner failed to screen employees and contractors for the property
Pursuing a Wrongful Death Claim in Miami and South Florida

Pursuing a premises liability claim in Miami or your community after losing a loved one to a crime is a difficult choice. There are many reasons why families decide to pursue this type of claim. Pursuing legal action can hold negligent property owners responsible and can help make important safety changes. In many cases, legal action helps families find answers and closure. Legal claims also allow families to pursue damages, which can help families recover money for:

  • Memorial or funeral expenses
  • Loss of benefits and companionship
  • Future earnings and household income contributions of the victim
  • Final medical bills
  • Lost income of grieving family members
  • Punitive damages

Losing a loved one to a crime is devastating emotionally as well as financially. Under Florida law, surviving families are allowed to pursue compensation in cases where negligence has led to the loss. For families, pursuing compensation can be an important way to ensure that the family’s financial future is protected.

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