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Diabetic Care for Elders

Among seniors, a significant portion of the population has diabetes. This chronic condition requires carefully monitoring and support. Unfortunately, Hollywood nursing home abuse and negligence attorneys regularly see situations where this sort of support is not offered to diabetic residents. When diabetic residents are not given the help they need, they may experience seizures, coma, amputations, and other serious and life-threatening complications.

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Diabetic Care For Seniors

Seniors who have diabetes need several things:

  • Medication. It is important that seniors with diabetes get the right medication at the right time and in the right dosage every time. Even minor variances can lead to difficult consequences.
  • Proper nutrition. It is important that seniors with diabetes get adequate nutrition without excessive sugars at regular intervals and are kept properly hydrated. Nutrient deficient food, highly caloric food, and highly fatty foods can make the condition worse. When looking at nursing homes, always check to make sure that the menu options offered are adequate and that a dietitian is consulted. Look for a nursing home where special menus are offered for diabetic patients, reflecting their special nutritional needs.
  • Monitoring. Blood glucose levels need to be monitored. This information should be entered reliably in a file. In addition, residents with diabetes should be taken to medical professionals regularly for checkups and to ensure all precautions are being taken.

Nursing homes are expected to have the staff, training, and systems to provide all of these services and more to keep patients with diabetes healthy. If your nursing home does not offer these services or if your loved one with diabetes has been injured due to negligence, is important to consult with a nursing home abuse and negligence attorney in Hollywood or your community to find out what legal options you have.

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