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Determining Negligence of the Injured Individual

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident that was clearly caused by negligence, you may immediately turn to the Hollywood yellow pages to seek out a personal injury attorney. You may understand that you have the right to seek compensation. But what happens if your own actions contributed even in part to your injuries? In many slip and fall accidents, one unfortunate thing that happens is that liable parties will often point the finger at those who have been injured and blame injuries parties.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group often see unfortunate situations where injured people with legitimate cases fail to seek compensation for their injuries, often because these injured persons feel that their actions contributed to their injuries. All too often, these people suffer financial distress and worry through no fault of their own, simply because they do not realize that even in their situation they may have a legal claim. The reality is that if you have suffered an injury, contact Flaxman Law Group right away, even if you are not certain whether you have a claim. Do not guess; let our legal team use their more than 60 years of combined experience to help you determine whether you have a case or not. Contact Flaxman Law Group today for a free case review.

Stopping Victim Blaming

Plaintiffs who have been injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident will sometimes be unfairly blamed and told that their own actions are entirely to blame for an injury. For example, someone who has slipped and fallen on a sidewalk may be told that they did not look where they were going or may assume that they were distracted because they were checking a text message. Similarly, someone who has fallen from a balcony may wrongly feel that they have no legal claim because they were drinking at the time of the accident.

The reality of the situation is that Florida law does provide the option for injured individuals to seek compensation even in cases where the defendant was not entirely at fault for the injuries. For example, if a pedestrian was distracted when walking along a parking lot ramp and was therefore also partly liable for a trip and fall accident, that individual may still be able to pursue a legal claim if it can be shown that the property owner was also partly liable for the injuries. Courts will assign a percentage of responsibility to each liable party (including the plaintiff) and will assign recovery based on those percentages.

Seeking Justice in Your Case

Even if you were drinking at the time of your accident or even if you think that your actions may have contributed partly to the accident, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney in order to get all the facts about your rights. Don't allow a potential defendant to make you feel completely responsible for your injuries. The reality may be more complex. There may be multiple liable parties for the accident, and even in cases where you may have partly caused own injuries, you mays till be able to pursue a claim against the liable parties that contributed to a fall.

Any time that you are injured, know that the attorneys at Flaxman Law Group are standing by. As part of the Hollywood community, Flaxman Law Group maintains law offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami to better serve the entire South Florida area. If you have been injured, we want to hear about it and we want to offer advice and support. Contact us today for a free, no obligation case review.