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Defective Products


Believe me these drug companies and these department stores and these supermarkets are going to fight to the death because they don't want their product to be known as defective and they'll spend millions of dollars to prevent you from collecting the damages that you deserve.

I represented a gentleman who was in a parking lot minding his own business when nearby a weed eater with a solid blade was being tested the solid blade fell off the machine flew through the air like a frisbee and cut my clients leg off at the knee we were able to prove that the nut that secured that blade to the weedeater was put on backwards and as the blade turned the nut loosened instead of tightened and we proved our case and were able to get damages for my client we were able to collect all of his medical bills all of his lost wages and money for the loss of enjoyment of his life because he could no longer joy or play tennis or run after his little girl.

You may think you have no hope going up against these big companies that produce these products I mean after all they have all the money they have all the lawyers they have all the time but you can win I have won cases against the biggest most powerful companies in the country.