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Deerfield Beach Road Hazards

Potholes, heel ruts, debris, and other signs of poor road maintenance are not just unsightly in your community; they can also pose a serious danger for you and your family. Each year, preventable road hazards cause serious motorcycle and car accidents in Deerfield Beach and across South Florida.

Have you been injured in a preventable traffic accident? You may be eligible for compensation under Florida law by filing a legal claim. To find out more and to find out whether you qualify, contact the professional and compassionate attorneys at Flaxman Law Group at any time to arrange for a free case evaluation.

Injuries After A Car Or Motorcycle Accident In Deerfield Beach May Be More Expensive Than You Realize

Injuries caused by road hazards can be more expensive than you think. You may face:

  • Lost wages
  • Future lost income opportunities if you've been permanently injured
  • Car repair or car replacement bills
  • Expensive medical treatments
  • Rehabilitation or physical therapy
  • Medication costs
  • Bills for wheelchairs, crutches, braces, and other medical devices
  • Surgical costs
  • Emergency medical treatment costs
  • Costs for tests and other diagnostic tools
  • Any costs associated with at-home care
  • Costs for counseling if you have been suffering from depression, insomnia, or other issues after your accident
  • Transportation to doctors’ appointments
  • Any costs that you may need to retrain yourself in order to enter a new career if you cannot return to your current job
  • Any costs for making your home and vehicle accessible if you are permanently injured or seriously injured for a longer period of time.
Seeking Justice and Compensation After a Collision

Unfortunately, if you do not seek fair compensation for your injuries, you may end up paying for many or all of these costs out-of-pocket. Even if you have good health coverage and insurance for your vehicle, you may find that insurance companies do not always pay for the incidental costs – such as transportation to specialists’ appointments – as well as long-term costs.

In addition, insurance may not pay for any treatments that they consider not vitally essential. For example, if you sustained a serious burn injuries and require skin grafts or other procedures, you may be frustrated to find that your insurance company claims that these types of treatments are considered ”cosmetic” by the insurance provider, even if they are necessary for you to regain full confidence and return to your normal life.

Even if you are given an insurance offer that you think is fair, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney in order to review your options and in order to find out what the attorney finds to be a fairer compensation amount. You may find that your case is worth much more than you realize.

To get answers and get an estimate of the true value of your case, you may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney. To reach a personal injury attorney or legal staff immediately, you can always reach Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free, no obligation case consultation.