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Davie Bus Accident

Davie is a town located in southern Florida, in Broward County. This town of 35 square miles features many green spaces and has about 90,000 residents. One of the most unique things about this community is the fact that Davie has a strong agricultural past which is still seen in the Western and rural theme and style of the community. In fact, many Davie residents still adopt an equestrian lifestyle and make use of the more than 165 miles of trail system in the town to take their horses out for rides.

In addition to horses, Davie residents rely heavily on bus transportation to get to and from work, school, and attractions. A number of entities operate buses in the area, and they include government entities, private tour bus operators, and charter bus companies. Since there is such a high volume of bus passengers in the area, safety is a top priority in the area for bus drivers, bus companies, the government, and bus travelers.

While bus transportation is seen as one of the most environmentally friendly and safe modes of transportation, each year people are injured or even killed in serious Davie traffic accidents, including bus accidents. Since bus travelers are not usually given the option to wear seatbelts, the injuries sustained in the Davie bus accidents can be devastating. Injuries in this type of traffic accident often include Davie spinal cord injuries, broken bones, head injuries, and other serious injuries. In some cases, these injuries prove fatal or permanent.

If you have been in a Davie bus accident, it is natural to have questions. For example, you may wonder whether the tour bus operator has other safety violations on the record. You may wonder whether the driver was qualified and able to safely drive the bus. You may wonder whether the bus driver was well rested and sober while driving. It is natural to have these questions, especially since in many cases Davie traffic accidents are caused by driver negligence and driver error. Speaking with a qualified Davie personal injury attorney can ensure that your bus collision is carefully investigated and that any liable parties are found and held responsible for any negligence that has caused your injuries.

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