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Crane Accidents

Cranes are an essential piece of equipment on many construction sites, helping to construct large buildings and helping workers lift large loads to great heights. Just about every larger construction site in Miami and across South Florida includes at least one crane. While this type of equipment is necessary, however, it also causes serious injuries each year. There have been a number of widely reported instances across the country of cranes collapsing or tipping over, causing catastrophic injury. In addition, cranes can swing into workers work and drop heavy equipment or construction materials on workers below. In all these cases, fatalities are common, as are serious injuries such as head injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and other serious injuries.

If you have been injured in a crane accident at work, it is important to get immediate medical help and to report your injury to your employers. In addition, you will also want to speak with a personal injury attorney in Miami or your community in order to find out about your rights and options. The Flaxman Law Group has worked with many victims of crane accidents and has seen firsthand how important it is to pursue fair compensation for injuries. In many cases, victims of crane accidents and workplace accidents face many months or even years of lost income, reduced income potential for years after the accident, high medical costs, and other expenses. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today in order to find out how much your case may be worth and in order to find out what your options are.

Surviving a Crane accident in Miami

Victims who have been injured and workplace accidents such as crane accidents in Miami and across South Florida often suffer severe distress and injury. They may have a hard time returning to work or may face a lifetime of reduced income potential if there are unable to return to work in the construction industry and must take on less demanding tasks due to long-term injuries. While workers compensation is designed to help victims get money for their injuries, insurance in many cases does not cover the total, long-term cost of catastrophic incidents. In many cases, the aim of the insurers is to resolve cases quickly and with as little cost as possible.

Victims can sometimes find themselves having to return to work before they are able to or find themselves in severe financial distress because insurance does not cover the full cost of medical treatment, home care, lost income, and other expenses. Unfortunately, once a worker accepts workers compensation or other insurance they have a reduced or eliminated options for pursuing a legal claim that can get them a fair compensation amount. For all these reasons, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney first. A personal injury attorney in Miami or your locality can help you understand how much your case is worth and can help you understand your options and your rights.

What To Do If You Have Been In A Workplace Accident In Miami Or Anywhere In South Florida

If you sustain a personal injury in Miami or anywhere in South Florida due to a workplace or crane accident, get immediate medical help and report your injury. One of the earliest phone calls you make, however, should be to a personal injury attorney who can evaluate your case for you. The Flaxman Law Group legal team is a professional, caring group of individuals who work hard on behalf of personal injury victims across South Florida. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free case evaluation.