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Coral Springs Road Hazards

Many times, when we are not expecting road hazards such as debris on the road or wheel ruts, this is when we are in a serious car accident that results in catastrophic injury. In these types of situations, high speeds can make these accidents deadly or devastating. When we see a road hazard we can often drive around it, but unfortunately, in some cases we simply don't see the danger in time. Car crashes in Coral Springs and surrounding communities occur every year just for this reason

If you have suffered a brain injury, spinal cord injury, fractures, or other serious injury as a result of a preventable car accident that was caused through no fault of your own, Florida law does protect you. However, to make the most of the law and in order to safeguard your rights, you may need to get legal advice and work with a personal injury attorney in order to pursue the compensation you may be entitled to.

The Challenges Of Road Hazards In Coral Springs

One of the big challenges with road hazards is that they are often preventable but there is some confusion or some finger-pointing involved when it comes time to clean up the mess. For example, if debris ends up on the road due to a construction site or due to road work, the construction crews or contractors may be responsible for cleaning up. However, they may assume that someone else will take care of the mess or may blame the city for the debris. Similarly, in cases where potholes or other maintenance issues arise, a city may struggle to raise funds or to find someone to handle the maintenance. In these cases, road hazards may be allowed to continue, increasing the risk of car and motorcycle accidents in Coral Springs and other communities.

For those who are involved in a serious traffic accident, another problem is that crashes caused by road hazards tend to be single vehicle collisions. For example, if you are in a motorcycle accident due to a pothole, there may not be another vehicle involved. This means that you don't have another car insurance company to address in order to seek compensation for your injuries. In these cases, it becomes even more important to consult with a personal injury attorney to protect your rights.

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