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Coral Gables Bicycle Accident

Coral Gables, situated in Florida's Miami-Dade County, is close to all that Downtown Miami has to offer, but is far enough away to let visitors and residents escape the big city. The University of Miami is located in Coral Gables and as a result there are stable property prices and plenty of opportunities in this city of approximately 42,871. The Coral Gables Trolley provides access to the downtown area of the city while the Miami Metrorail allows visitors and residents access to surrounding areas.

While the trolley is a popular way to get around Coral Gables, many people in the city do rely on bicycles for recreation or just to get around, and this does mean that Coral Gables sees its fair share of bicycle accidents. Many victims of Coral Gables traffic accidents are unaware that they may be eligible under for compensation from multiple sources, depending on the nature of their accident. Florida law protects those who are injured in accidents that are caused by wrongful acts or negligence.

The Flaxman Law Group aggressively seeks out multiple liable parties on behalf of accident victims, ensuring that survivors get a fair settlement or compensation for their injuries. The Flaxman Law Group works closely with professional investigators, accident reconstruction experts, expert witnesses and other professionals to ensure that you get all the answers about your case and to ensure that any liable parties are held responsible for your injuries.

Pursuing a Coral Gables bicycle accident claim is an important step in your recovery process, as it ensures that you have the financial resources in hand to pursue the best medical treatment possible. Unfortunately, without a Coral Gables personal injury attorney, you may not get access to the financial resources you need in order to pursue the most aggressive and best medical treatment possible. By working closely with the Flaxman Law Group, you may be able to better understand the total costs of your injuries and may be able to recover a fair settlement for your injuries, so that you do not end up paying for medical costs and other substantial expenses out-of-pocket.

In many cases, there are multiple liable parties in a Coral Gables bicycle accident. This can actually be beneficial to victims, as multiple liable parties can ensure that victims get fair compensation for their injuries and their claims. However, it often takes a dedicated and experienced Coral Gables personal injury attorney in order to find all liable parties in an accident. In many cases, an accident investigation and accident reconstruction are needed in order to determine the liable parties and in order to pursue a legitimate claim.

Many Coral Gables bicycle accidents are preventable. In many cases, they are caused by motorist error, bicycle design defects, and other preventable issues. It can be devastating to learn that a family member's death or serious injury was caused by an accident that was completely preventable, but bicycle accident victims get this news every day.

Have you been seriously injured in a Coral Gables bicycle accident? If so, contact the Flaxman Law Group to discuss your case with our legal team. Your initial consultation is free and puts you under no obligation. It is a chance for you to get some answers from our experienced legal team, so that you have the facts at hand to make the right decisions for your future.