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Coral Gables Nursing Home Abuse

Located in Miami-Dade County in South Florida, Coral Gables is close to downtown Miami and offers all the excitement of the big city while also offering an escape from the urban space. Coral Gables home of the University of Miami, and, as a result, the city has plenty of housing and business opportunities to offer.

Coral Gables nursing homes are there for families who can no longer offer the care and assistance that an old elderly loved one may require. Families entrust these facilities to provide the quality of care and assistance that an elderly loved one can expect from family. Unfortunately, not all facilities provide a level of care that they promise to families. Instances of sexual abuse, financial abuse, physical abuse, and neglect have been reported by families from Coral Gables and all over South Florida. Perpetrators can include other residents or the staff of assisted living facilities and nursing homes. In all cases, neglect and abuse lead to severe pain and in many cases lead to serious injury and even fatalities.

In many ways, patients of nursing homes and elder care facilities are among the most vulnerable people in Florida. These patients are often extremely dependent on the staff at these facilities for basic needs, such as medical care, clothing, food, and other necessities. In many cases, nursing home patients have a hard time speaking out about abuse and negligence and in many cases these forms of abuse and negligence are not noticed as nursing home residents are often less noticeable since they spend long periods of time inside the facilities.

Coral Gables nursing home neglect and abuse comes in a number of forms. In some cases, nursing homes have poor policies, allowing for Coral Gables slip and fall accidents, neglect, and other forms of abuse and neglect. In some cases, facilities hire inexperienced staff or are understaffed, leading to poor care for elderly residents. In some cases, poor hiring practices result in staff who are abusive. Some nursing home victims suffer from sexual, physical, or financial abuse. Some are simply not cared for, allowing for serious health concerns such as bed sores, and other serious injuries to occur. No matter what the reason for Coral Gables nursing home and elder abuse, the fact is that nursing homes can be held liable in situations where they failed to provide the assistance and the care that they promised.

The Flaxman Law Group has represented many victims of Coral Gables nursing home neglect and abuse. We have been able to recover money on behalf of families who have been affected by this form of neglect and abuse, ensuring that families have the resources to help place their elderly loved ones in better care situations. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group understands how difficult it is to place an elderly loved one in a nursing home or elder care facility, and the legal team is committed to ensuring that those who harm the elderly are held liable for their actions. If you believe that an elderly loved one may be suffering from Coral Gables elder abuse or neglect, contact the Flaxman Law Group today for a free consultation to discuss how best to help your family member.