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Contaminated Blood Transfusions

In some emergency room situations, patients needed blood transfusion as part of their treatment. Emergency room staff have access to blood supplies from blood donors and also have the testing capacities to ensure that only safe blood donations are given to patients. In situations where medical staff are negligent and end up transfusing tainted blood, a patient may suffer serious complications, including exposure to HIV and other potentially life-threatening diseases.

In cases where a patient is given tainted blood, there is often room for a potential legal claim. The risks of potentially tainted blood have been known for a long time and there are numerous tests that medical professionals have access to in order to ensure that blood is safe. When medical staff do not take the proper precautions to ensure patient safety, a patient may be able to launch an emergency room negligence or medical negligence claim in Miami or their community. If you believe you may have a claim, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your situation.

Tainted Blood in Miami and South Florida

The dangers of tainted blood first received widespread attention during the 1980s, when the HIV threat first reached public awareness. Since then, doctors and medical professionals have developed a number of tests to ensure that blood is safe for transfusion. Screening procedures for blood donors have also changed to ensure patient safety. Despite these situations, tainted blood transfusions in Miami and South Florida can still occur for a number of reasons:

  • mislabeling
  • lack of proper testing of blood donations
  • incorrect blood donor screening
  • incorrect blood transfusion processes
Dealing with Emergency Room Negligence in Miami and Florida

Getting tainted blood is devastating. You may have to submit to multiple tests in order to determine whether you have contracted an illness. If you have, you may require a lifetime of care and medication. In these situations, seeking compensation through an emergency negligence claim in Miami or South Florida can be an important first step in the healing process. Filing a personal injury claim in Miami or your community can ensure that you have the financial resources to pay for medical care. It can also force a hospital or medical facility to make important changes to the blood donation procedure so that others are not affected in a similar way. Pursuing a legal claim can also give you a sense of closure and the answers you need.

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