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Bus Accident


It's bad enough you've been in a bus accident to make matters worse now the insurance company for a car that strikes the bus doesn't want to pay the bus company doesn't want to pay you're out of work you have medical bills what are you going to do you can't fight the bus company yourself you can't fight these insurance companies yourself.

I represented a gentleman that was in a wheelchair he was able to get on the bus through the mechanism that lifts the wheelchair into the bus the problem was the driver didn't secure the wheelchair into the bus so that when the bus driver took off the wheelchair went loose and wound up crashing into another seat throwing the wheelchair over to the side and severely injuring my client this was a case where we had to fight the bus company tooth and nail because they took the position that my client should have secured his own wheelchair well that's ridiculous my client was disabled he needed the help of the bus driver it was the bus drivers responsibility to see that his passengers were secure including my client in a wheelchair we were able to recover damages for his wheelchair for his medical expenses and for his future medical expenses and also for the additional pain and suffering of having to live with other injuries in addition to the ones that put them in the wheelchair to begin with.

If you've been injured in a bus accident don't try to handle the case by yourself it can be very complicated who's at fault where are the witnesses gathering medical expenses let me help you you