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Bed Sores Causes

Bedsores, at their most basic level, are caused by prolonged and unaltered contact with a solid surface. Bedsores often occur when a patient lays in the same position on a bed. Patient mobility issues in a nursing home in Hollywood or South Florida may allow bedsores to develop if staff do not take care. Bedsores can particularly develop on the knees, elbows, ankles, back of the head, and other areas in contact with the mattress.

If your elderly loved one has suffered bedsores in a nursing home in South Florida, consult with a nursing home abuse and negligence attorney in Hollywood, Homestead, Miami, or your community. You may have a claim. To find out, contact Flaxman Law Group online or at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free consultation with an attorney.

Why do Bedsores Happen?

Bed sores in nursing homes are most often caused by negligence because this type of injury is entirely preventable. Bedsores are often caused by:

  • Understaffing. When too few staff members are present, they may not be able to move patients as often, which can increase the risk of bedsores. When there are too few staff members, staff may not be able to get support from another staff member when they need to move a larger patient.
  • Undertrained staff. Staff who are properly trained understand what bedsores are, how to identify them, and how to treat them in their early stages. Staff who don't receive adequate training may not understand the importance of moving a patient or may not understand the risks of bedsores and how to prevent them.
  • Negligence. Some staff understand the importance of moving a patient with limited mobility but may not do so due to indifference. In some cases, nursing homes may not have staff policies which are designed to ensure proper movement of residents. This type of negligence is a common contributor to bedsores.
  • Overmedication. When patients are overmedicated, they may not be able to move much, and this will increase the risk of bedsores, especially if nursing home staff do not move them regularly. Unfortunately, understaffing and overmedication often go hand-in-hand. Staff who are overwhelmed may over medicate residents to keep them compliant and to keep them from taking up too many resources. When this occurs, they may also not have the staff members to move a resident regularly, leading to bedsores.
  • Incorrect cleaning. When bedsores are in their early stages, proper wound care is important to prevent them from getting worse and to ensure healing. Incorrect cleaning and negligence of bedsores can mean bedsores get worse and may even become infected.

If you notice any of these causes of bedsores in your of loved one’s nursing home, contact a Hollywood nursing home abuse and negligence attorney immediately for assistance. An attorney can investigate the causes of bedsores and can build a case for you if you decide to pursue legal action.

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