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Administering the Wrong Medication

In some cases, emergency rooms, hospitals, pharmacies, and other health care providers administer the wrong medication to the wrong patient. In many cases, this results in fatalities or serious or permanent injury. Prescription medication is often strong enough to seriously harm a patient when given to the wrong patient in the wrong dosage. The wrong medication can also cause complications and suffering because it can cause side effects without treating the condition or ailment that the patient has.

Physicians and medical facilities have an obligation to check medication, dosage, and patient history before administering any medication or drug therapies. When medical professionals are reckless or negligent in doing this, patients who are injured may have a right to seek compensation for their injuries. If you believe you may have a medical malpractice claim in Miami or your community, you can always reach the Flaxman Law Group legal team for a free consultation to discuss your situation. Getting legal advice from the Flaxman Law Group can be an important step to reclaiming your life after a devastating injury.

How Wrong Medication Errors Occur in Miami and Florida

There many reasons why patients may be administered the wrong medication accidentally:

  • misdiagnosis
  • pharmacy errors
  • illegible prescriptions
  • not checking patient medical history
  • not checking patient allergies
  • lab errors
  • mix-ups in patient records
  • not checking patient names, conditions, and medication requirements
  • miscommunication
  • distraction on the part of medical professionals
  • lack of correct labeling on patient records or medication
  • lack of patient monitoring
  • poor hospital policies

In these cases, the errors are preventable and are often caused by negligence or recklessness. These are not inevitable errors that no one could have predicted. The correct hospital policies and careful checking on the part of medical professionals can often help prevent these types of medical errors. Because of this, patients who have been injured by medication errors can often seek compensation and legal recourse for their injuries.

Deciding to Seek a Medical Malpractice Claim in Miami or Anywhere in South Florida

Any time that you have been injured by medication errors in Miami or South Florida, you may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney. In many cases, since the dangerous effects of prescription medications are well known and since the physicians and drug manufacturers have a responsibility to provide safe medication for patients, you may have a legal claim. A personal injury attorney can review your case with you and can help you understand whether you have a case. If you do decide to pursue a legal claim, you may be able to seek compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. Your legal claim can also push hospitals to make safety changes to protect other patients.

If you're wondering whether you have a medical malpractice or a medical product liability claim in Miami or South Florida after a medication error, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation. Your confidential, no obligation case evaluation is your chance to ask questions of an experienced personal injury attorney from the Flaxman Law Group legal team.