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Tamarac Private Buses

Shuttle bus and private bus collisions in Tamarac and South Florida take place every year due to poor road design, driver undertraining, and other issues. When you use a free service such as a hotel shuttle bus or a paid service such as airport transportation, you of course expect to be safe. If something goes wrong and you are injured, do you know where to turn?

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Airport Shuttle Bus Accidents in Tamarac and South Florida

A very common type of private bus accident involves the airport shuttle bus. If you are traveling to or from Tamarac or South Florida by air, you may use convenient airport shuttles to get to and from the airport to your destination. While this is generally a safe and convenient way to travel, airport shuttle bus accidents can and do occur.

These buses often travel at high speeds along highways and make multiple trips each day. In addition, some shuttle buses may have mechanical defects or may not be correctly maintained. Drivers may be underqualified or undertrained in some cases. In addition, while drivers are generally very familiar with the airport shuttle route, it is not uncommon for passengers to be asking questions or otherwise providing a type of distraction during the drive. In some cases, this can lead to a collision. In addition, airport shuttle bus drivers who are very familiar with the route may get overconfident in their ability to navigate the roads safely, and this can also cause inattentive driving or a collision.

If you have been injured in an airport shuttle bus accident, it can be difficult to tell who the liable party is. Did the driver make an error that led to the collision? Was another motorist at fault? Is the company that owns the airport shuttle or the airport itself liable? The answers can vary widely depending on your specific situation. The airport may be held partly liable if construction on their property led to the collision.

In many cases, it is the driver, shuttle bus company, or their insurance company who are held liable. However, other motorists who contribute to the accident may also be held partly liable, which allows you to pursue their insurance companies for compensation as well. To sort out all the legal details and to get assistance in your claim, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney quickly following your collision. An attorney can take steps to protect the evidence in your case and can start immediately building a strong case to help you secure compensation for your injuries and losses.

Shuttle Bus Accident Attorneys in South Florida

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