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Tamarac Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in Tamarac or your community is an emergency. It is important to always act quickly if you suspect that abuse or neglect is taking place. Unfortunately, seniors can be very vulnerable and physical abuse can lead to devastating permanent injury or even fatal injury. Medical abuse can lead to serious complications or a life-threatening illness. The emotional impact of any type of abuse can lead a senior to suicidal thoughts or even self-harm. If you suspect that abuse is taking place, report it immediately to nursing home or retirement home staff or to authorities, if appropriate. In addition, get legal advice about your situation to find out what you can do to help your elderly loved one get to safety.

If you want to act quickly and get immediate legal advice in an elder abuse case, contact Flaxman Law Group today. Our full-service law firm consists of a team of attorneys as well as a network of investigators, medical consultants, and other professionals, so we have resources to tackle abuse cases immediately.

Who is as Fault in Elder Abuse Cases?

Elder abuse cases can involve many liable parties. In some cases, there is only one perpetrator but multiple liable parties if others did know or should have known about abuse but failed to act or failed to notice signs of abuse. Perpetrators of elder abuse cases and liable parties include:

  • The staff, managers, and owners of a care facility. The staff, managers, and owners of nursing homes, retirement homes, assisted-living facilities, and other facilities are expected to take adequate steps in order to protect their charges. When they fail to do so or when staff are the actual abusers, both the owners and those who work in a facility can be held accountable for the abuse.
  • Individual caregivers. Sometimes, the elderly are taken care of by family, friends, or contracted caregivers in the home. In these cases, abuse can also occur and individuals can be held liable if they are neglectful or abusive of their charges.
  • Agencies overlooking nursing homes and other care environments. Sometimes, a nursing home, assisted living facility, or other facility will have multiple violations but will still not be closed down, reprimanded, or held accountable for their actions. In other cases, multiple families report instances of abuse or neglect but an agency in charge of ensuring safety at these facilities fails to investigate or to protect the vulnerable. In these cases, municipalities or agencies responsible can be held liable.
  • Doctors and hospital staff. Doctors and hospital staff in charge of taking care of elderly patients may be held responsible and may be pursued in medical malpractice claims if they fail to act on signs of neglect and abuse or fail to provide reasonable medical care.
  • Other residents at a nursing home, retirement home, or other facility. Sometimes, retirement homes, nursing homes, and other care facilities do not carefully screen residents coming into their homes. In some cases, residents with criminal or violent histories can prey on other vulnerable residents. In these situations, the nursing home or retirement facility will sometimes refuse to remove paying residents, even if they're hurting others. In these cases, the perpetrators can be held liable, as can the nursing home or facility that allows them to continue their abusive or criminal behavior.

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