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Tamarac Single-Bike Accidents

The statistics regarding motorcycle accidents in Tamarac and the US are grim. About 1000 bikers will die annually on average as a result of single vehicle motorcycle accidents. About 25,000 yearly are seriously injured as a result of these crashes.

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Drunk Driving Single Vehicle Accidents in Tamarac and Florida

Many things can cause single bike crashes. Among them are at-fault motorists, poor road design, inadequate road maintenance, and motorcyclist error. Drunk driving is also a leading cause of single vehicle crashes. According to some statistics, over 40% of motorcyclists who were involved in single vehicle accidents had blood alcohol levels over the legal limit. Alcohol can slow reaction times, make it difficult to concentrate, increase fatigue, impair vision, and make it difficult to respond appropriately to dangers on the road.

Drinking and driving in Florida are illegal, and it is illegal to operate a motorcycle under the influence. However, even if you are a responsible motorcyclist and do not drink and drive, keep in mind that drunk drivers on the roads can still affect you. Another motorist driving under the influence beside you can be driving erratically, leading you to swerve out of the way, leaving you to be involved in a single vehicle accident.

The Challenges With Single Motorcycle Crashes

In some cases, it can be difficult for a motorcyclist to seek fair compensation for their injuries. Too often, liable parties in these cases are not obvious and authorities as well as insurance adjusters may blame the motorcyclist for the crash. In addition, an insurance company may undervalue or deny the claim. They may claim that the motorcyclist did something to make a policy invalid or may claim that some damages are not covered by a policy.

Even if you have excellent insurance, keep in mind that it can be difficult to evaluate insurance offers. You may not know immediately how much you will end up paying for medical bills and you may not know how much time at work you may lose. This can make it difficult to determine what a fair offer should look like.

If you have been injured in a single bike accident and are concerned about the insurance process or your insurance benefits, contact a personal injury attorney in your community right away to start the process of securing compensation and justice on your behalf.

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