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Tamarac Medical Neglect

Medical neglect in Tamarac and other Florida communities can be subtle and easy to overlook. This form of negligence can mean that a patient in a nursing home or car facility does not get the medical attention they need. It can also refer to situations where a child or patient in a hospital does not get medical attention for symptoms or a medical problem.

No matter how it happens, medical neglect can lead to serious complications and problems. It can cause deteriorating health, fatalities, and medical emergencies. If you or a loved one have been injured and you suspect that medical neglect or another form of negligence was the cause, contact Flaxman Law Group to review your options for compensation. Flaxman Law Group is a full service law firm serving the South Florida area and our attorneys would be pleased to discuss your options for legal remedy with you.

What is Medical Neglect And How Can I Tell Whether it Has Affected a Loved One?

Medical neglect in Florida can include medical malpractice, abuse, or other preventable mistakes. It can include situations such as:

  • Under-medication or over-medication
  • A patient or resident at a care facility or nursing home not getting the lifestyle or treatment options necessary for their medical condition
  • Staff not listening to a patient who reports symptoms or concerns
  • A patient being ignored when they have life-threatening symptoms
  • Lack of monitoring of infections and other potentially dangerous situations
  • Lack of proper response to symptoms
  • Refusing access to dentists, doctors, and other medical professionals

Medical neglect can happen in virtually any setting, but it can be especially common in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, day cares, and other situations where caregiving occurs. Unfortunately, in these situations those affected can be the most vulnerable. An elderly loved one in a nursing home, for example, can suffer life-threatening complications if they do not get the medication they need as prescribed by a doctor. Vulnerable and elderly patients with serious symptoms can suffer life-threatening injury if they are denied access to a doctor. Similarly, a child with serious symptoms needs to be rushed to the hospital right away and delays in getting medical treatment can cause permanent injury or even a fatality.

Has Medical Neglect Affected You or Your Family?

When medical neglect occurs, it is important to ask questions and to get justice and seek compensation in order to hold liable parties accountable for their actions. Taking action now may help keep others from being injured in a similar way. Pursuing compensation can also help families pay for medical care, care, and other services that they will need in order to provide the best possible treatment for loved one.

The attorneys of Flaxman Law Group have more than 60 years of trial experience as well as negotiating experience and a track record of recovering more than $100 million on behalf of plaintiffs across South Florida. If you would like to know whether you have a claim or would like to review your options with a compassionate and professional legal professional, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time for a free case assessment.