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Tamarac Braking Failure

Federal laws require that truck drivers and truck carriers take proper care of their fleets and trucks. Unfortunately, thanks to concerns about costs and the rush to make deliveries on time, basic maintenance as well as other issues sometimes get ignored. When brake maintenance and brake condition get ignored, brake failure as well as devastating truck crashes in Tamarac and other Florida communities are the common result.

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Why Truck Brake Failures And Incorrect Braking Are Often A Case Of Negligence

In many cases after an incorrect braking incident or truck accident involving brake failure, a truck driver will allege that the brakes simply failed and prevented him or her from stopping a tractor-trailer or big rig in time to avoid a collision. However, most experts and engineers agree that it is extremely rare for brake failure to simply happen out of the blue. In many cases, it is negligence and recklessness that contribute to brake failure and braking problems.

The reality is that tractor-trailers and big rigs have air brake systems that feature many safety features as well as emergency braking systems and backups to prevent the brakes from failing entirely. In addition to the pressurized air brake system, many trucks have a separate emergency brake system that uses cables and springs. In the event of a brake failure, this emergency braking system can cut in and prevent a serious collision.

What Causes Braking Failure

So what happens when a traffic collision occurs in Tamarac and it seems as though brake failure played a role? In many cases, these types of accidents are caused by:

  • Incorrect maintenance of brakes
  • Truck companies or truck drivers not taking the time to check brakes regularly
  • Manufacturers being negligent in designing and manufacturing safe brakes
  • Too many hours on the brakes without proper maintenance and inspection
  • Overloading of cargo, which places unsafe pressure on breaks
  • Incorrect training of truck drivers or incorrect braking techniques

The commonality here is that all of these things are preventable. In many cases, brakes get worn down gradually and only fail because incorrect maintenance has occurred or because brakes were not properly cared for by a truck driver or truck company.

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