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Tamarac Nursing Home Abuse

Tamarac is a South Florida community established by Ken Behring, and entrepreneur with a chain of car washes in the Midwest. Behring developed Tamarac as a largely residential planned community, but over the years Tamarac has become a multicultural and vibrant community with many attractions and businesses. It has still retained its old-world charm, however.

Like all parts of Florida, Tamarac has a growing elderly population and in some cases the families of senior citizens need to make the difficult decision to place a family member in a nursing home. Elderly loved ones are admitted to these types of facilities when they can no longer care for themselves. In most cases they require assistance in order to eat, groom themselves, use the washroom, and eat. Nursing home facilities are expected to provide all these services and are supposed to offer a safe and pleasant place to live. In cases where Tamarac elder abuse and neglect occurs, it can be especially devastating since residents of assisted care living facilities are especially vulnerable.

In many cases, elderly loved ones in nursing homes have a hard time communicating what has happened to them. They may feel fear or shame. In some cases, physical ailments such as Alzheimer's may prevent them from expressing their concerns. In cases such as this, the eyes and ears of the family become the best way to determine whether abuse has taken place.

Florida nursing home abuse and neglect has serious consequences. It can cause serious pain and suffering for an elderly loved one. In some cases, Tamarac nursing home abuse and neglect can also lead to serious injury or even a fatality. For example, abuse and neglect can lead to Tamarac slip and fall injuries, head injuries, malnourishment, assaults, and other serious injuries. If a nursing home employee or owner has been negligent and this negligence has caused an injury or fatality, the nursing home or facility can be held liable for the injuries.

While families are often concerned about Tamarac nursing home abuse, neglect can be just as devastating. Neglect usually means that a caretaker has failed to provide the level of care expected in a facility. Those who are neglected may be subject to Tamarac slip and fall accidents, serious medication errors, malnutrition, and poor socialization. Someone who has suffered from neglect may become frail, ill, withdrawn, or depressed.

If you believe that an elderly loved one is a victim of Tamarac nursing home abuse or neglect, contact a specialized Tamarac personal injury attorney immediately. Keep in mind that abuse and neglect can take a variety of forms in a nursing home environment. It can include sexual assault, incorrect restraints, shoving, hitting, pushing, isolation, threats, and other forms of abuse and neglect. In some cases, this form of abuse and neglect can involve getting an elderly loved ones to hand over money or to sign legal documents or wills that take away an elderly loved one's rights or money.

If you suspect that an elderly loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, contact the Flaxman Law Group today for a free consultation. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group have dealt with many abuse and neglect cases involving assisted-living facilities and have a range of resources to help investigate, document, and aggressively pursue legal cases against negligent nursing home staff and owners. The legal team at the Flaxman Law Group believe in treating everyone with respect and compassion, so feel free to contact the staff today to get information about moving your elderly loved one to a safe environment.