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South Miami Physical Abuse

When most people think about personal injury cases in South Miami and Florida, they imagine medical malpractice, car accidents, or similar situations. However, these unintentional acts are not the only situations where civil claims are possible. Intentional torts or civil wrongs occur when the defendant allegedly does something intentional and it causes injury. Assault and battery cases are one such example. If you have been injured in an assault, you may have a claim and may be able to seek damages.

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Understanding Battery and Assault Cases

Many personal injury claims – including truck accidents and slip and fall cases – result from an accidental and unplanned act. Battery and assault cases are different because they result from intentional acts. As a result, they are known as intentional tort cases stemming from civil wrongs. In these cases, you do not have to prove that the assailant intended to injure you, but you can still seek a legal claim if you can show that the assault and battery was intentional.

Battery and assault cases are also different than many personal injury cases because in these situations there are also often criminal charges filed. The good news is that whatever happens on the criminal side of the case, you may be able to pursue civil damages in your case. Even if the assailant is never arrested or is cleared in criminal court, you may still be able to seek damages and justice through the civil courts.

Preventing Assault and Battery in South Miami and Your Community

There are many ways that physical assault and battery can be prevented:

  • With adequate lighting in remote areas
  • With security or off-duty police posted
  • With proper screening of employees and other visitors to a property
  • With notices alerting visitors to any dangers on a property
  • With good crowd control
  • With security cameras and other security systems
  • By posting information about security cameras in place

Unfortunately, many property owners fail to take these simple precautions because they are concerned about the costs. The reality is that good security is not expensive and can help prevent serious injuries and assault. When property owners are negligent because they are cutting corners, they can be held accountable if an assault or battery occurs on their property. If a property owner was partly liable in your case, you may have a claim against your assailant as well as the property owner.

If you have been injured in any community in South Florida, you need to seek the maximum compensation for loss of income, injuries, medical expenses, and more. In order to seek maximum compensation, you will need a qualified personal injury attorney to help you. If you think you may have a claim or have questions about your accident or injury, contact Flaxman Law Group to get immediate assistance.