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South Miami Inadequate Supervision

Even simple tasks such as eating can become dangerous if someone has a serious condition which prevents them from taking care of themselves. Someone who is vulnerable and does not get adequate supervision while eating, for example, can become undernourished or malnourished because they do not eat enough. They may even be at risk of choking. Someone who has dementia or a condition that leaves them weak can be in severe danger when they shower or bathe, and can even be susceptible to drowning without proper supervision. When staff are negligent in providing supervision for residents and patients of an assisted living facility or nursing home, they can be held liable if injuries occur.

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Proper Supervision

Patients in a nursing home or assisted living facility may need to be supervised correctly for number of everyday tasks and activities, including:

  • Grooming
  • Taking a bath or shower
  • Using the bathroom
  • Eating
  • Taking medication
  • Recreational activities
  • Walking, especially walking outdoors

Children in childcare settings may also need correct supervision at all times, including during:

  • Swimming or spending time near pools or bodies of water
  • Playing
  • Bathing
  • Eating

When correct levels of supervision are not provided, serious injuries and even fatalities are often the result.

What Is Adequate Supervision?

Depending on the situation, correct supervision may include:

  • Hiring enough qualified staff at a nursing home, care home, retirement home, or assisted living facility to provide good levels of supervision
  • Screening and training staff members
  • Running background checks on anyone who is in charge of caregiving for children and vulnerable adults
  • Hiring nurses or other professionals as part of the supervisory staff to ensure that medical issues can be attended to correctly
  • Providing adequate security, such as retired police officers or other persons to monitor an area
  • Having policies in place to ensure that correct levels of supervision take place
  • Having more than one person at a time responsible for supervision to ensure that everyone is correctly overseen
  • Ensuring that supervisors can see charges at all times
  • Identified riskier activities, times, or areas at a care facility, daycare, or school and providing added supervision as needed
  • Hiring enough supervisors or staff for the number of charges and ordering work shifts to ensure that there are always enough staff for correct supervision

When facilities, care homes, daycares, schools, and other environments fail to provide adequate levels of supervision, they can be held liable if their recklessness causes injury or an accident.

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