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South Miami Birth Injuries

Under Florida law, parents do have the right to seek compensation for their injuries in cases where child is injured at birth or immediately after birth due to medical negligence or recklessness. Unfortunately, in many cases parents do not seek a legal counsel first because they assume that the settlement or the support they get from medical staff is adequate. In some cases, parents do not realize that negligence played a role in their child's injuries.

If your child has been injured, it is important to get all the facts about your situation. Contact the Flaxman Law Group legal team in order to get a case evaluation. The lawyers at the Flaxman Law Group can tell you which types of birth injuries in South Miami and Florida are likely to result from medical negligence and can help you understand all your legal options so that you can make the right decisions for your family and your child.

Acting Quickly is Important in Personal Injury Cases

The sooner you act, the more quickly we can get to work helping you in your family. There is a statue in limitations that requires you to act quickly in these cases if you want to avoid losing out on compensation.

A birth injury can mean that your child may face a long rehabilitation process and many medical procedures. You may need to make your home more accessible because your child may not be able to care for themselves. Your child’s severe injury may prevent them from perusing a regular job so you may need to replace lost income or a lower income for the rest of your child’s life. In addition, some child injuries may mean that your child is more susceptible to complications. If your child does experience experience any complications, you may need to pay for additional medical care. Seeking compensation if your child has sustained a brain injury in South Miami or any serious injury is important to ensure that you can meet all these costs.

The Advantage of the Flaxman Law Group

If your child has been injured, contact the Flaxman Law Group. The Flaxman Law Group has a husband-and-wife team working right in the office, so we understand family and trust. We're proud to say that many of our clients have become friends after we have played a role in helping them start on the road to recovery. Our attorneys work as a team with private investigators, medical experts, and expert witnesses to build you the strongest case possible.

From the initial consultation to the final end of your case, our attorneys work around the clock to provide you with a high standard of care so that you can focus on your family while we focus on protecting your legal rights. We know that a birth injury can be devastating, which is why we work hard to do everything we can to make the legal process easier.

The Flaxman Law Group understands that if your family has a seriously injured child you may not be able to easily leave your home or hospital in order to visit with an attorney. This is why the Flaxman Law Group has three conveniently located offices in South Florida, and our attorneys are also going to travel to your home, workplace, or hospital room to discuss your situation. The consultation is free of charge comes with no obligation, even if we travel to speak with you in your home.