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Pompano Beach Stopping Distance

If a truck driver is driving 65 mi./h and driving a light pickup truck, they will generally travel more than 300 feet from the time that they decide to brake until the their vehicle comes to a complete stop. The driver of a semi-truck can take up to 525 feet from the first moment they sense danger to the time that their truck comes to a full stop. The fact that big rigs and tractor-trailers have much larger stopping distances is significant in many traffic accident investigations. Larger stopping distances mean that truck drivers have an obligation to leave more space in front of them if they are following behind another vehicle. If they fail to do so, they can be held accountable if their actions lead to an accident, such as an override accident or rear end collision in Pompano Beach or another Florida community.

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People who have been injured in a trucking collision caused by stopping distance issues often face a few serious challenges when they try to find assistance and insurance benefits for their injuries:

1) Insurance issues. Insurance disputes are not uncommon after trucking accidents, in part because stopping distance issues tend to result in catastrophic injuries. Spinal cord injuries, head trauma, amputations, and other permanent injuries that are possible with trucking accidents can end up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more in lost income, at-home care, rehabilitation, surgery, medical costs, and other expenses over the lifetime of a patient. In some cases, insurance companies will not pay the full amount or will try to claim that certain expenses are not covered.

2) Finger-pointing. Stopping distance accidents sometimes lead to accusations against the passenger car driver. Even if the truck driver did not brake correctly or was negligent in some other way, he or she may blame the passenger car driver for braking too suddenly. A thorough investigation may be necessary to show what really caused the collision.

3) Evidence. Evidence – such as tire tracks, driver logs, brakes, and other evidence – may be lost or go missing with time. Witnesses may eventually forget what they saw at an accident scene. For these reasons, it is important to act quickly to preserve evidence.

A personal injury attorney may be able to help with these challenges. He or she may be able to gather and secure evidence, find all liable parties, negotiate with insurance companies, and pursue a legal claim if it is possible.

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