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Pompano Beach Overweight / Overload Trucks

There are federal rules in place that are meant to protect you from trucking collisions in Pompano Beach or your community. For example, since many trucking crashes are caused by overloaded or incorrectly loaded trucks, there are rules and laws in place that are meant to keep dangerously overweight trucks off the roads. Despite these rules, however, dangerous trucks still find their way onto our roads.

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What Trucking Rules Are Designed to Prevent Traffic Accidents in Pompano Beach and Your Community?

There are many federal rules designed to keep you safe. Due to their larger size and the larger hazard that they represent, commercial trucks are especially subject to many rules. For example, truck drivers must meet stricter criteria than other motorists when it comes to insurance, training, and licensing. There are also hours of service rules in place to ensure that drivers of big rigs and tractor-trailers get adequate rest and avoid fatigued driving.

Since overweight and overloaded trucks are a major hazard, there are also a number of rules that affect the cargo of commercial trucks:

  • Trucks have weight limits placed on them
  • Commercial trucks must stop at weigh stations that are open along their route and may face fines and other penalties if the trucks exceed weight limits
  • Trucks are required to keep cargo containment systems – including tailgates and truck doors – in good repair and use them correctly
  • Cargo must be correctly loaded and secured
  • Cargo must be properly distributed on commercial trucks so that it does not shift and pose a danger during transport
  • Special permission is required for trucks carrying some types of hazardous cargo and for trucks carrying cargo that exceeds weight limits
  • Commercial trucks must obey weight limit and clearance rules on bridges and other infrastructure
Negligence Can Lead to Roadway Collisions

Even with federal rules in place, overweight and overloaded trucks still share our roads. There are a number of reasons for this. In some cases, truck carriers intentionally overload trucks to save money. In other cases, loaders and truck drivers are negligent in weighing and loading cargo correctly. In both situations, this type of reckless disregard for federal rules can lead to collisions.

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