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Pompano Beach Failure to Yield Accidents

Of course, you expect that drivers in your community will obey traffic rules and help you prevent accidents. Unfortunately, each year serious right of way crashes occur in Pompano Beach and Florida because drivers are too impatient, too distracted, or too unaware of driver rules to drive safely.

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When Do Motorists Have Right-Of-Way?

Right-of-way rules are sometimes confusing, and this can lead to right-of-way collisions in Florida and across the country. Right of way rules are actually simple:

1) When approaching a stop sign, motorists must stop and yield right of way to pedestrians and all traffic at the intersection. If the intersection is a four-way stop, the first vehicle that comes to a stop should be the one who gets right-of-way and is able to move forward first. If more than one vehicle approaches the intersection at the same time, the vehicle to the right is the vehicle with right-of-way and should be allowed to move forward before the others.

2) When approaching an intersection where there are no traffic signals or stop signs, drivers must yield to pedestrians or other traffic already in the intersection. If a motorist in this situation is entering a highway from a secondary road, then that driver must yield. In these cases, drivers also required to yield if they are entering a paved road after driving on unpaved road or if they are trying to make a left turn while another vehicle is approaching in the opposing direction.

3) In a roundabout, vehicles already in the roundabout have right-of-way. Vehicles entering the roundabout are expected to yield to these vehicles and drive in a counterclockwise motion. Before entering roundabouts, motorists are expected to yield to pedestrians and bicyclists, who have right-of-way.

4) When pulling out of an alley, parking spot, driveway, or parking lot, you are expected to yield to traffic, bicyclists, and pedestrians already traveling on the road.

5) Emergency vehicles using their sirens and flashing lights have the right-of-way. This rule includes law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, and other emergency vehicles. In this situation, not only do these drivers have right of way, but other motorists on the road are expected to move over to the side of the road as far as possible and come to a complete stop until the vehicle has passed. In these cases, emergency vehicles are traveling very quickly and not only do they have right-of-way but they are often racing to save someone's life. In this case, failure to yield right-of-way could not only cause devastating car accident in Pompano Beach or your community – one that often involves speed since most emergency vehicle speed to get to someone in need – but they can also cause severe problems for the person who is awaiting emergency assistance as well.

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