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Pompano Beach Nursing Home Abuse

Pompano Beach is a city located in southern Florida's Broward County. Famous for its yearly seafood Festival and its Goodyear blimp, Pompano Beach offers sandy Florida beaches as well as very warm water due to the Gulf Stream. The warm, white sand beaches of the area attract many new residents and visitors each year.

Pompano Beach as much to offer, which is why it attracts its fair share of retirees and elderly residents. When these residents are no longer able to care for themselves, family members sometimes must make the difficult decision to place these family members in an assisted living or elder care facility. Families today are generally aware of instances of Pompano Beach nursing home abuse and neglect and are eager to ensure that nothing happens to an elderly loved one.

Many Pompano Beach nursing homes and assisted-living facilities do meet a high standard of care. When selecting a facility, a family can reduce the risk to an elderly loved one by carefully researching numerous facilities before deciding where to place an elderly loved one. In many cases, abuse and neglect occur because of facilities who understaffed or because a facility does not screen employees carefully. It is important to speak with other residents and their families and to carefully research a facility to ensure that it delivers a high standard of care.

Even well-respected facilities can become sites of abuse and neglect, however. In many cases, facilities change staff regularly and in many cases it is not just the staff but also other residents who can become perpetrators of abuse. It is important to visit an elderly loved one in any assisted living facility regularly and to keep alert for any signs of abuse. Any unexplained injuries, bruises, bed sores, missing assets, and other signs of abuse should be thoroughly investigated. If the family suspects that abuse and neglect may be taking place, the allegation should be promptly and immediately investigated. A Pompano Beach personal injury attorney can help families find the resources they need in order to launch an investigation and in order to place an elderly loved one in a safe environment.

It abuse has taken place, a Pompano Beach personal injury attorney can seek compensation for the family and the victim. This compensation can be very important in ensuring that a victim has access to medical treatment to care for their injuries as well as therapy to help deal with the emotional impact of the abuse and neglect. Compensation can also help pay for a new, safer home environment for the elderly loved one as well as for additional care that someone may need while recovering from abuse.

If you believe that an elderly loved one is the victim of Pompano Beach elder abuse or neglect at an assisted living facility, you need to act immediately. Contact the Flaxman Law Group today to arrange for a free consultation to discuss your options and your rights. Florida law does protect you as well as elderly patients from abuse and neglect. The Flaxman Law Group has decades of experience pursuing abuse and neglect cases and can help you determine what steps you may wish to take next. Your consultation is free and comes with no obligation, so you risk nothing discussing your case with the compassionate and caring staff at the Flaxman Law Group.