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Pembroke Pines Passenger Safety

Properly used, child car seats and seat belts for adults can help prevent head injuries, spinal cord trauma, internal injuries, and other injuries. Using the right seat system correctly and placing children in the backseat can improve their chances of surviving a broadside collision, rear-end collision, or head-on crash in Pembroke Pines or your community.

Even if you take all the required precautions, however, you may end up injured in a traffic accident. If this happens to you, do not hesitate to contact Flaxman Law Group. Our law firm can stand in your corner and fight for your rights so that you have a chance to pursue the compensation you may be entitled to. To find out how much your case may be worth, contact Flaxman Law Group today for a free initial consultation.

What Can You Do to Avoid Passenger Injury in Florida?

There are many things that passengers can do to stay safe in a car:

1) Buckle up. One of the best ways that passengers can stay safe in a vehicle is to fasten their seatbelts. Seatbelts keep you in place in the event of a collision and prevent you from flying through the windshield upon impact, often helping you avoid a serious brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other physical trauma. If you are traveling with a child, make sure that the child is securely fastened in an age-appropriate safety restraint system.

2) Choose drivers carefully. If you are a passenger, you are not passive. You can choose which cars you enter and which ones you refuse to drive in. You don't have to carpool with a colleague if the colleague’s driving is reckless and makes you comfortable. Similarly, you don't have to put up with family members who text and drive or who otherwise drive distracted. Of course, you can always choose to take a taxi or public transportation home if the driver is drunk or if you feel that they are being unsafe on the roads. Similarly, you have the right to turn away a taxi or shuttle bus if you feel that the driver is driving unsafely.

3) Avoid distracting the driver. One of the big ways that passengers can help prevent injury is by avoiding distracting the driver. Distracted driving plays a leading role in many traffic collisions. Having an animated conversation with the driver can be rather distracting for them, so keep in mind that even small changes in behavior on your part can help keep everyone safe on the roadways.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Pembroke Pines or Anywhere in South Florida?

The personal injury attorneys at Flaxman Law Group work hard to protect the rights of Florida passengers injured in both private and public vehicles. Our attorneys represent plaintiffs who have been seriously injured in traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, nursing home abuse situations, and more. If you have been injured as a passenger, you may have a claim. If you would like the team of attorneys who have more than sixty years of combined experience, contact our full-service law firm for a free case evaluation.