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Pembroke Pines Physical Neglect

Physical neglect can involve any abusive situation in which someone in care is not provided with the basic necessities needed to lead a good life. This type of abuse can occur in care homes, nursing homes, child care settings, assisted living facilities and other care settings where a vulnerable child or adult needs help getting basics such as food, water, heating, shelter, and other necessities.

Flaxman Law Group understands that if you or a loved one have been seriously injured due to physical neglect or abuse, money is a concern. One way to improve your financial outlook is to seek compensation through a legal claim against any liable parties. Seeking compensation can help you secure money to pay for counseling, care, medical services, and other services that can improve the chances of healing. If you would like to know more, contact Flaxman Law Group at any time at 1-866-FLAXMAN (1-866-352-9626). Your first consultation with our full service law firm is absolutely free and comes with no obligation.

Physical Neglect Can Be Difficult to Prove

Physical neglect in Pembroke Pines and Florida can be difficult to prove, and it can be frustrating for the family of an abuse victim to try to find evidence that neglect has taken place. In some cases, nursing homes and facilities may claim that an elderly loved one’s condition is caused by an illness and not by abuse. It can be challenging to show that abuse is in fact the culprit.

In some situations, nursing home staff may claim that a resident or patient refused medication, food, water, or other basics rather than admitting that the essentials of life were not provided. Unfortunately, many care environments are protected by attorneys and by insurance companies and it can be very difficult for families to challenge these entities by themselves. In these situations, it is useful to work with a personal injury attorney in Pembroke Pines or your community. A qualified attorney can:

  • Gather evidence from medical records and patient records
  • Hire investigators and medical experts to gather information
  • Speak with potential witnesses to document evidence
  • Gather any previous violations against a nursing home or facility staff

A good attorney can gather evidence and build a strong case, even if an assisted living facility or nursing home staff deny all allegations of abuse.

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