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Pembroke Pines Mechanical Failure

Usually, when there is a mechanical problem with your car, you can get it safely to a mechanic or repair shop for assistance. However, what happens when your car fails or experiences mechanical failure while you're traveling down the highway at full speed? In these cases, a brake failure, tire blowout, or other serious problem could result in a car accident in Pembroke Pines or your community.

If you have been involved in a serious car accident that has resulted in injuries because your car has experienced some type of mechanical failure, you do have legal options. In addition to the car insurance money you may qualify for, did you know that you can also negotiate with your insurance carrier and you may qualify to file a legal claim to seek further compensation? To review all of your options and to learn the rights and laws that protect you, contact Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.

Mechanical Failure And Car Accidents

Mechanical failure can include many things, including:

  • Tire blowouts and other tire problems
  • Brake failure
  • Airbags inflating when they're not supposed to or not inflating when they should
  • Seatbelts not restraining passengers in the event of a collision
  • Wipers not functioning
  • Headlights or taillights not functioning
  • The car overheating without cause
  • Components of the car overheating to the point where they are hot to touch
  • Fire hazards

Mechanical failure can be caused by design defects, incorrect maintenance, manufacturer flaws, and other problems. Unfortunately, if you have been injured in a car accident caused by mechanical failure, you may find that manufacturers try to blame the car owner or driver, even if a design or manufacturing flaw was in fact to blame for the accident.

Getting Justice And Answers After A Traffic Accident In Pembroke Pines

Since car accidents resulting from mechanical failure are very difficult to prove without engineers and accident reconstruction experts and since these types of cases often involve multiple liable parties, including very powerful car manufacturers, it is important to work with a personal injury attorney who can represent you. A personal injury attorney can review any settlement offers or insurance offers that have been made and can help you understand how much you may end up paying in the long run for your injuries and damages. Your attorney can also help you understand all of your options so that you can make an informed choice for you and your family.

Would you like to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney today? Flaxman Law Group is a full-service law firm and our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined trial experience. In addition, Charles Flaxman, the founder Flaxman Law Group, also has 10 years of insurance industry experience as well as 25 years of trial experience. We work with a team of accident reconstruction experts, expert witnesses, and other professionals to build strong cases for clients. We believe that everyone deserves justice and compassion after a serious accident. It's why we offer free, no obligation consultations – so that you can get answers without any obligation or any risk to you. It's also why we take on deserving cases on a contingency fee basis. Contact us today for a free consultation to review what we can do for you.