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Pembroke Pines Road Hazards

According to government statistics, Florida roads saw 235,461 vehicle crashes in 2010 alone. While some of these accidents were caused by driver negligence, drunk driving, and driver distraction, some of these were caused by preventable road hazards. Even when drivers do everything right and drive responsibly, negligence on the part of city workers, city maintenance crews, and other parties can result in dangerous road hazards such as debris on the road or potholes which can lead to an accident. These dangers are an especial concern for motorcyclists, who have fewer protections and can be involved in a serious Pembroke Pines motorcycle accident due to something that a car may be able to avoid.

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Road Hazards In Pembroke Pines Lead To Serious Injuries

In South Florida, there are a few common road hazards that can affect drivers:

  • Signal problems. Malfunctioning traffic signals can cause confusion. When traffic signals aren't working, drivers are supposed to treat an intersection like a four-way stop. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow this rule and sometimes intersection accidents in Pembroke Pines occur as a result. In these cases, if the signals were not fixed in a reasonable amount of time, the injured driver and passengers may have a legal claim against the city as well as against any at fault drivers. In addition to malfunctioning traffic signals, lack of adequate signals or signage on roads can also lead to accidents – and legal claims.
  • Potholes and poor road maintenance. Potholes are one of the most common problems on Florida’s streets. Potholes are circular holes in the road that can be up to 10 inches deep. In some conditions, they can be hard to spot, and a car's wheel or motorcycle wheel can easily get stuck in a pothole. In some cases, running into deep pothole can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle or can cause them to come to an abrupt stop, leading to a rear end collision.
  • Road debris. Trucks transporting large cargo may lose some of their inventory on the road. In addition, tire blowouts can leave strips of rubber on the road while poor weather conditions can cause overhead branches and other debris to fall onto roadways. Construction work and road work and also leave road debris, including nails and other sharp objects. In some cases, road debris can lead to tire blowouts and punctured tires. In other cases, cars swerve to avoid debris and find themselves involved in a car accident. In some cases, cars also lose control of their vehicle when a driver runs over road debris, and this can also lead to a collision.
  • Construction zones and road work. When road work takes place, or when construction takes place along a road, construction companies and contractors are expected to take all precautions necessary to keep the flow of traffic on the street safe. This can include providing adequate signage or detours for drivers.

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