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Pembroke Pines Nursing Home Abuse

Pembroke Pines is a southern Florida community located in Broward County. Located close to the famous Everglades, Pembroke Pines is considered one of the most desirable places to live in Florida and has won many awards for its high standard of living. With great schools, mild climate, great businesses, and lots of opportunity, Pembroke Pines is popular with both tourists and residents.

The elderly are currently the fastest growing part of the Pembroke Pines and Florida population. Unfortunately, as more people age and as more people live longer, demand for nursing homes and assisted care facilities is growing as well. In many cases, this has led to shortages of staff at nursing homes and assisted-living facilities, which in turn has led to an increase in cases involving nursing home abuse and neglect. In many cases, nursing homes are hiring less than qualified staff or are severely understaffed, making it hard for staff to meet basic needs of residents. In some cases, medical malpractice cases or abuse cases occur due to unqualified staff or understaffing.

Unfortunately, detecting Pembroke Pines elder abuse and neglect is often difficult. In some cases the elderly who are no longer able to care for themselves and are placed in nursing homes do not have the communication skills needed to explain that abuse is occurring. In many cases, abuse victims are too frightened or confused to be able to relay information about their abuse or neglect. It is often up to families to find symptoms of abuse and to report them.

Frequently, it is the concerned friends and family of an elderly loved one who first notice that Pembroke Pines nursing home abuse or neglect is taking place. Friends and family who visit an elderly loved one may notice symptoms such as unexplained illnesses and injuries, bruises, illegal restraints, weight loss, withdrawn behavior, unexplained loss of items or money, bed sores, poor personal hygiene, and other signs that something is amiss. If you notice these symptoms in an elderly loved one who is in an assisted care facility and are unable to get a reasonable, believable explanation for the injuries or the symptoms, it is important to speak with a qualified Pembroke Pines personal injury attorney and to investigate the matter further. Undetected and unstopped, abuse can easily escalate and can cause serious injuries, such as Pembroke Pines slip and fall injuries, broken bones, infection, and even fatal injuries.

If you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home, you may want to look out for the possible signs of nursing home abuse. If you suspect that a loved one is a victim of Pembroke Pines elder abuse and neglect, contact the Flaxman Law Group immediately for assistance. The Flaxman Law Group has their phone staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that you can always reach a compassionate live person to discuss your concerns. The Flaxman Law Group is also able to offer free, no obligation consultations to all new clients. Your free consultation is a great way to learn about the rights and options you have keep your loved one safe.