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Pedestrian Accidents


I've handled thousands of pedestrian accidents and my experience has taught me that the insurance companies almost always do not want to pay the claims they argue that the pedestrian was in the wrong place or the pedestrian shouldn't have been where they were and I've been successful in proving that pedestrians had the right-of-way and been able to recover damages for their injuries and their lost wages.

I represented a man that was crossing the street when he was struck by a speeding car he wound up breaking both of his legs and being in the hospital for over two weeks his life was devastated his family lost their breadwinner and he was worried about paying the bills he hired my firm and I was able to prove that the vehicle was at fault in the accident and even though the insurance company fought and fought and fought and didn't want to pay I was able to convince them that they had the legal obligation to pay and they did so.

If you've been injured in a pedestrian accident call me I can help the consultation is absolutely free I'm available hours a day 7 days a week remember the insurance companies have attorneys and so should you you.