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North Miami Medical Neglect

Medical neglect in North Miami and Florida can be extremely dangerous. Someone who does not receive their medication on time or someone who is denied necessary medication or medical treatment could face life-threatening complications and conditions. Someone who is denied medical treatment, for example, can develop infections, pneumonia, and other life-threatening conditions. Someone who is not given the medication or medical treatment prescribed by a doctor may face complications or may find a chronic condition getting to the stage where it is life-threatening. Someone who has a heart condition, for example, needs to take their medication in the exact manner prescribed by the doctor. If they do not, they may face the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other serious complications.

Do you suspect that you or a loved one have been affected by medical neglect or medical malpractice in North Miami or anywhere in Florida? You will want to secure a legal opinion to find out whether you have a claim. To get a thorough legal evaluation of your situation, contact Flaxman Law Group to schedule a free case assessment. Flaxman Law Group is a full service law firm in South Florida and a member of our legal team would be pleased to address your concerns.

When Medical Neglect Happens in Care Environments

In care setting such as nursing homes, even a relatively minor ailment, such as an untreated flu or cold, can develop into pneumonia or a serious infection and can threaten the life of the patient. Unfortunately, patients and residents of care homes and nursing homes tend to be more vulnerable than the general population as they sometimes cannot visit doctors by themselves and as they sometimes have chronic conditions or weaknesses which make them especially vulnerable to medical conditions. It is imperative that staff in these situations are extra vigilant and extra careful in providing residents and patients with the medical care that they need.

Proving Medical Neglect

If medical neglect has caused injuries or the death of a loved one, you may have a legal claim against the assisted living facility, nursing home, or other liable parties involved in the case. However, in order to launch a legal claim in order to seek compensation that can help your family and your loved one, you will need to prove that neglect has taken place. Often, this is quite challenging since nursing homes and assisted living facilities take immediate steps to prevent liability and to minimize any evidence of wrongdoing.

Your best option in seeking evidence against a nursing home or assisted living facility is to speak with a personal injury attorney in North Miami or your community. There are several things that a personal injury lawyer can do to help build a strong case and gather proof in your situation:

  • They can hire private investigators in order to investigate the facility and find out about any previous safety violations
  • They can speak with medical experts and expert witnesses to discover exactly how a certain injury or complication could have occurred
  • They can gather evidence by interviewing witnesses and staff
  • They can have your loved one checked by a medical expert who can determine how injuries or complications have occurred

Speaking with a personal injury attorney if you suspect medical neglect is the first step to seeking legal redress and holding those responsible accountable for their negligence and recklessness.

If you would like legal advice and representation today, contact Flaxman Law Group to arrange a free consultation to review your potential case.