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North Miami Dog Bites

One problem with animal attacks and dog bites in North Miami and Florida is that they often involve children. In these cases, dog owners and their attorneys may argue that a child was incorrectly supervised or somehow contributed to the attack by teasing the dog. In some cases, dog owners may claim that they had clear signs that warned people of a dog on the premises or may try to prove that a child trespassed on their property in order to get to the dog. In these cases, dog owners and their attorneys may argue that the dog owner was not liable for damages.

If your child has been injured by a dog attack and you believe that negligence played a role, it is important work with a personal injury attorney in North Miami or your community in order to show that you and your child deserve compensation. If you would like to fight for justice, contact the Flaxman Law Group for a free case evaluation today. The attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group work with expert witnesses and private investigators to help build a strong case.

Dealing with the Aftermath of an Animal Attack in North Miami or Florida

If you or your child has been injured in an animal or dog attack, you may face considerable pain and suffering. You may also face considerable medical costs. Dog bites and attacks often leave visible scarring that requires extensive surgery or medical intervention.

Facial scarring, especially, may require cosmetic surgery, skin grafts, or other forms of surgery so that the victim can restore their pre-attack appearance. Unfortunately, many health insurance carriers refuse to cover this type of medical care, arguing that it is not strictly necessary. You may need a personal injury attorney with experience in insurance law in North Miami or your community to negotiate with your insurance carrier so that you get the medical coverage you need.

In addition to the cost of medical care, dog bites may result in infection, pain and suffering, and lost wages if you need to recover slowly at home. These types of dog bites may require multiple visits to specialists and in some cases even rehabilitation or physical therapy if mobility has been affected due to nerve or muscle damage. Seeking compensation can help you pay for all these costs and ensures that dog owners are held responsible so that their dogs do not attack others as well.

Seeking Justice Through a Personal Injury Case

Do you have a claim? Contact the Flaxman Law Group to find out. The law firm can arrange for a free, no obligation case evaluation so that you can discuss your situation with a personal injury attorney. The Flaxman Law Group legal team has more than 60 years of combined experience and has secured compensation for thousands of personal injury and child injury plaintiffs in North Miami and South Florida. What can be done in your case? Contact the Flaxman Law Group to review your situation with a legal professional.