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North Miami Hit by a Drunk Driver

No one expects a drunk driving accident in North Miami to happen to them, but each year thousands of drivers make the mistake of driving after having something to drink. Unfortunately, this type of negligence and recklessness leads to tragedy all too often. Drivers who are drunk have poor motor skills, and may fall asleep at the wheel. In some cases, they simply are too inebriated to properly obey traffic signals or to notice pedestrians in their way.

It is normal to be angry if you've been injured by a drunk driver. It is also normal to have many questions and concerns. Unfortunately, all too many people believe that simply filing an insurance claim is enough. This is not always the case.

Insurance companies try to resolve claims quickly and inexpensively. While they will likely have sympathy for your situation and will get you insurance money quickly, how can you really be sure whether that insurance money will in fact cover all the costs associated with your accident?

The best way to ensure that you are getting fair compensation is to contact a personal injury attorney. The attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group, for example, offer a free case consultation so that you can learn your options and the possible value of your case. With this information in hand, you can evaluate insurance offers and options with more facts in hand.

Costs Involved in Your Car Accident

After a car accident in North Miami, you may have many costs and expenses, including:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Follow-up doctors’ appointments and specialist appointments
  • Surgery
  • Medical devices, such as wheelchairs, braces, and others
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Counseling
  • Property damage
  • Car repairs
  • Lost wages and lost income
  • Transportation or a rental car

If your injuries are permanent or long-term, the impact can be even greater. You may need to pay a service in order to make your car or home accessible. If you have suffered in amputation as a result of your injury, you could end up paying tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime for new prosthetics as your current ones wear out.

If your injuries are severe enough, you may need a lifetime of home care and medical care. It is unlikely that insurance costs will cover all of this, especially when you consider that inflation will mean that the cost of your care will just keep rising with the years.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family After a Car Accident

The best way to protect yourself and your family after a car accident is to contact a personal injury attorney in North Miami or wherever you live. A local attorney can help you review your options so that you make an informed decision in your case.

If you would like to speak with a compassionate and experienced lawyer, you can always reach the Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. The attorneys at the Flaxman Law Group have a track record of securing more than $100 on behalf of personal injury clients. Find out what can be done in your case today.