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North Miami Beach Stopping Distance

Stopping distance truck collisions in North Miami Beach and Florida are unfortunately all too common and cause injuries and fatalities that devastate entire families. At the core of most stopping distance crashes is the fact that big rigs, tankers, and other commercial trucks take much longer to come to a complete stop when compared with passenger vehicles. When mechanical failure or driver error come into play, this difference in stopping distance can easily lead to a crash.

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Preventing Stopping Distance Collisions

Truck drivers are expected to take several precautions to ensure that they do not cause a collision:

1) They should not follow other vehicles too closely. Following too closely means that truck drivers may not have enough time to brake suddenly, especially if the car in front of them brakes suddenly or if there is bad weather.

2) They should inspect tires carefully before each trip. Truck tires have a great deal to do with stopping distances. Bald tires, worn tires, and incorrectly inflated tires can all increase stopping distances considerably. Bald tires, especially, may not grip the road very well and may cause stopping distances to be much longer. In addition, bald tires and incorrectly inflated tires can lead to tire blowouts if the truck driver has to brake suddenly. Truck drivers are required by federal rules to inspect their brakes and tires carefully before each trip and to note any problems as well as their visual inspections in a trucking log.

3) They should inspect brakes before each trip. Brakes obviously affect stopping distances as well. Unfortunately, truck brakes have a lot of extra pressure placed on them due to the long distances traveled and due to the heavy loads that big rigs and tractor-trailers carry. Federal laws require truck drivers to inspect their brakes carefully and to report any brake problems immediately. Malfunctioning or failing brakes can easily lead to a collision.

4) They should adjust their driving and speed for the weather conditions. Just like any driver, truck drivers are expected to slow down in bad weather and to use extra caution. There are many things, including rain, winds, and fog, that can affect visibility as well as the ability to stop. Slick road surfaces, especially, can make it harder for trucks to stop suddenly and can increase stopping distances.

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