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North Miami Beach Sexual Assault

Women and children are disproportionately affected by rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse in North Miami Beach and Florida. However, men, boys, and the elderly can also be attacked by sexual predators. This type of crime can occur in homes, on dates, in dorm rooms, in assisted living facilities, and in public. The one commonality is that all survivors who face this crime must draw on huge reserves of courage to deal with the physical injuries and emotional trauma this type of attack can bring.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group believe that those who have survived an attack deserve justice, support, and compassion. That’s why our law firm does all we can to make the legal process easier. We offer free, no obligation initial consultations and we offer weekend and evening appointments for those who require them. If you are too injured to travel to our offices in Miami, Homestead, or Hollywood, we may be able to visit your home, office, or workplace or even offer over-the-phone legal advice. We even take cases on a contingency fee basis, so clients do not have to pay legal fees until we win their case in court or reach a settlement. To find out more about how our law firm can assist you, contact Flaxman Law Group today by calling 1-866-FLAXMAN (1-866-352-9626) or by using our website to set up your free appointment.

Have You Survived Sexual Assault or Assault and Battery in North Miami Beach or Florida?

Unfortunately, in many cases sexual assault is perpetrated by people who are close to those most affected. Family, teachers, religious leaders, employers, and colleagues can all be perpetrators of sexual assault. In many cases, sexual assault is perpetrated by dates or acquaintances, and this can make survivors fearful about coming forward.

However, many survivors do find the strength to seek criminal charges against those who are responsible for their attack. In addition to seeking criminal charges, however, it can be useful for survivors to seek legal counsel and to pursue a civil claim if they qualify.

Pursuing a civil claim is very different than pursuing a criminal claim. In a civil claim, survivors can pursue not only the perpetrator but also other potential liable parties, such as the owner of the property where the assault took place. Through a civil claim, survivors may be able to seek financial compensation for property damage, medical costs, lost wages, and the other damages that they have suffered.

We Offer Assistance to Survivors

At Flaxman Law Group, we take injuries very seriously. We work hard on behalf of sexual assault survivors as well as survivors of other types of violence. In these cases, a member of our compassionate and professional legal team will meet in order to discuss all options and their rights. In many cases, we can offer assistance in finding local resources that can help survivors on the road to healing.

Working closely with investigators, medical consultants, and other professionals, our team of attorneys investigates the causes of an attack in order to find all liable parties as well as evidence of the assault. We then use this information to launch a legal claim if that is what the survivor decides to do. At every step of the way, we work closely with survivors to ensure that they have support as well as the aggressive legal representation they need as part of their legal claim. If you think our services might held you, contact our law firm today for a free consultation.