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North Miami Beach Private Buses

Unfortunately, some trips on airport shuttles, private shuttles, or private buses never make it to the customer’s destination because of a serious accident. Accidents involving airport shuttles and other types of private buses in North Miami Beach and other communities can be especially frightening because in many cases passengers are not buckled up and are often in an unfamiliar city, making a traffic collision all the more terrifying.

The attorneys of Flaxman Law Group have more than 60 years of combined experience. This gives us the ability to communicate with juries and judges in order to help them understand the legal and medical issues that could affect a private shuttle or private bus accident case. Our experience also means that we have worked with thousands of plaintiffs, juries, and trials, giving us insight into the types of cases that help plaintiffs secure compensation and giving us an understanding of the laws and facts that can affect these types of cases.

What Causes Private Bus Accidents?

Shuttle bus and private bus drivers drive the same road again and again each day, and this can lead to inattention as well as car accidents. In addition to driver inattention, other motorists, road design issues, and other factors can all contribute to private bus accidents. No matter what causes an accident, the results can involve serious injuries that affect passengers’ lives permanently or for many years.

The distraction of passengers as well as CB communications with dispatch can cause private bus drivers to become distracted drivers. In addition to distracted driving, inattention, road design issues, or mechanical defects can all lead to private bus collisions. In all cases, these collisions can cause life-threatening injury as well as upset for passengers.

What Can A Personal Injury Attorney In North Miami Beach Do For You?

If you have been injured in a shuttle or private bus collision, you will want to consult with a personal injury attorney immediately. There many things that a personal injury attorney can do in these types of situations, including:

  • Advise you of your rights
  • Help you find local resources that can help you with your injuries
  • Represent you in court if you decide to file a legal claim
  • Review any settlement or insurance offers
  • Negotiate with insurance companies or other liable parties
  • Subpoena records and secure evidence in your case
  • Interview witnesses and hire investigators and medical experts
  • Investigate the cause of your accident
  • Find all liable parties
  • Answer the questions you may have about your accident and your rights

If you have been injured, one of the experienced accident and personal injury attorneys of Flaxman Law Group would be pleased to meet with you to provide a free, no obligation consultation. Contact us today for your free consultation, which gives you a chance to discuss your questions and concerns with a legal professional. You can always reach our law firm through our website or through our toll-free 24-hour number at 1-866-FLAXMAN (1-866-352-9626) if you need assistance or legal advice.