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North Miami Beach Passenger Safety

If you are a driver injured in a car accident in North Miami Beach or Florida, you may want to claim property damage, car repair costs, medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses in a legal claim or insurance claim. If you are a passenger in a vehicle, you may not be able to claim damages for car repairs or car replacement costs if the vehicle did not belong to you. However, you may still face expenses, including medical costs, loss of income, pain and suffering, and more. You, too, may have the option of pursuing a legal claim or insurance claim.

If you have been injured as a passenger in a car during a car crash, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-FLAXMAN (1-866-352-9626) to arrange for a free case evaluation. You may have a legal claim or other options that allow you to seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

Have You Been Injured While A Passenger In Someone’s Car?

In these cases, you may have a claim against the person driving the vehicle. Pursuing a legal case in this situation can help you seek compensation for your damages, which may include lost time at work, pain and suffering, medical bills, property damage, and more. There may be multiple liable parties in your claim, which can help you seek fairer compensation. You may have a claim against the person driving the car in which you are the passenger, for example, and you may also have a claim against the at-fault driver. If your injuries were caused by mechanical failure, you may have a products liability claim.

What Are Your Options After a Roadway Collision?

Speaking with a personal injury attorney in North Miami Beach or your community can help you evaluate what options you have and who the liable parties in your situation might be. Depending on your situation, you may have a claim or your attorney can negotiate with insurance carriers. An experienced attorney can investigate your accident and can help you determine what your costs are likely to be so that he or she can pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

Do You Need Legal Advice?

If you have been injured while you were an occupant in someone’s car, you may be reluctant to seek a legal claim against the driver. You may know the at-fault driver, who may be a friend, family member, or colleague. However, it is important to at least get legal advice about your situation and to pursue a legal claim if you qualify. Failing to seek a legal claim can mean that you end up with tens of thousands of dollars or even more in expenses to pay out-of-pocket. Even with car insurance or medical coverage, the costs following this type of accident can be catastrophic and can affect your life and finances for years to come.

The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group have been helping residents of South Florida seek justice for decades. Our legal team has already recovered more than $100 million on behalf of thousands of clients. If you would like to speak to a member of our law firm, contact Flaxman Law Group today for a free case evaluation.